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The AST Gomafu-1 (AST ゴマフー1) is a scrapped enemy machine from Strider 2. It was planned to appear during the 3rd stage, Antarctica Research Lab[1]. "AST" stands for "Archimedean Screw Tank", based on a type of vehicle transportation system using the Archimedes' screw, whereas "Gomafu" is the first half of the Japanese word for spotted seal, gomafu azarashi (胡麻斑海豹), which literally means "black speckle".

The AST Gomafu-1 was a massive, seal-shaped tank likely intended as a boss machine. It was equipped with both a 4-missile rack on its back and a firearm on its "mouth". As seen on its concept art, it'd have shoot at Hiryu while pursuing it, and it appears its screw wheels would have break through snow and ice as he did so, at times almost sinking into the cold water before getting back on track as displayed in a set of sketches. Another sketch shows Hiryu would have been able to jump from missile to missile as they flew by.[1]

It's unkown if it was planned for a scene in particular, but the only scene featuring water and ice in the final game's Antarctica stage is the very first one.


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