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Admiral Wilhelm (ウィルヘルム艦長), alternatively called Mobile Admiral Wilhelm (機動提督ウィルヘルム)[1] due to his agility, is an enemy character from Strider 2, who acts as the final boss in the 4th stage, Flying Battleship Balrog.

A high-ranking officer in Light Sword Cypher, most information about Admiral Wilhelm is unknown. He serves as the captain of the group's powerful flying fortress, the Battleship Balrog. Wilhelm is a very skilled and acrobatic swordfighter who wields an unique high-voltage plasma weapon known as a Shock Blade, which he christened Denkoumaru (電光丸, lit. Lightning)[1]. Much like every Infantry aboard the Balrog, he has his legs replaced with metallic removable prosthetics, which allows him to stand on vertical surfaces with ease.[1]

He appears to be very loyal to Grandmaster Meio and shows disgust at Hiryu, seriously wondering why someone with his skills has decided to take a stand against Meio in spite of the impossible odds, and exclaiming "A scum like you...!" out loud just before their duel.


Strider 2[]

Admiral Wilhelm

Hiryu's destruction of the Antarctica Research Lab was a calculated effort to draw the secret powers ruling the world out of hiding[2]. Seemingly successful in his plan, Hiryu is able to track down the Balrog as it is flying over the Malay Archipielago shortly afterward. Using his Glider to reach the aerial fortress, Hiryu infiltrates it and proceeds to battle his way through, eventually destroying the Reactor Core and starting the airship's ultimate destruction.

Admiral Wilhelm attempts to escape the doomed airship and heads to the escape port, pursued closely by Hiryu[3]. He jumps atop the final Catapult escape ship, with Hiryu boarding it just as it abandons the Balrog's port. Hiryu then notes Wilhelm ready at the other end of the ship, Denkoumaru unsheathed and prepared to fight. A one-on-one duel ensues between the two swordsmen, and after a fierce struggle Hiryu comes on top, fatally injuring Wilhelm.

Crumbled against one of the ship's engines, a dying Wilhelm expresses doubt, trying to understand and asking Hiryu why he has chosen to fight against the Grandmaster when his chances to win are "a thousand to one". He apparently receives no answer from him before succumbing to his injuries.


Admiral Wilhelm is one of the most formidable enemies Hiryu comes across, matching his equipment and skills very closely. He's an experienced swordfighter who wields a hi-tech weapon known as a Shock Blade, which releases high-voltage plasma energy when swung, similar to Hiryu's Cypher. He shows a high level of mobility and agility matching Hiryu's own, quickly jumping and dashing across the battle area. His prosthetic legs also allows him to effortlessly cling to vertical surfaces through an electric charge released from the soles, allowing him to stand against the sides of the escape ship. Finally, he's very resistant and visually doesn't even flinch when hit.

During battle, Wilhelm attacks fast from one end of the ship to another, jumping or dashing from side to side, attacking either while standing on the ground or the wings of the escape ship. While hits only slightly slow him down, he doesn't take cover or try to avoid any following attacks if he's in the middle of attacking himself, and often receives damage much faster than he can counter it as a result.


  • Sword Swing: Wilhelm stands upright, raises Denkoumaru and swings it downward with force, creating a large burst of plasma in its trajectory. A slow move that leaves him open to attack.
  • Sword Swipe: While standing in one of the wings, Wilhelm slashes horizontally, creating a smaller burst of plasma as well. Much faster than the normal swing, but has less reach.
  • Plasma Pulse: Raising Denkoumaru over him, Wilhelm drives it into the ground, releasing two plasma orbs at each side. Both orbs travel through the entirety of the ship's surface before disappearing.
  • Plasma Waves: Similar to Hiryu's Boost, Wilhelm releases a plasma wave which directs itself at Hiryu with each swing of Denkoumaru. This ability activates once he loses half of his health, and is indicated by Denkoumaru's electricity changing from purple/blue to green/violet.
  • Air Dash: An air maneuver Wilhelm does while standing in one wing, to quickly switch sides in a similar way to Hiryu's Hassou Jump.



  • English fans sometimes identify Wilhelm as the leader of Light Sword Cypher, despite the two having entirely different appearances. The old moustached man appearing in cutscenes at the head of their meeting, however, is officially identified separately from Wilhelm as either the "Chairman" or as one of the "Princes".[4]


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