An Aircar, also called a Hovercar, is a type of wheelless vehicle with flight capabilities. Vehicles of this type have appeared in both the Strider Hiryu manga and Strider 2.


Rescue aircraft
A Rescue Aircraft (救援の飛行機) is a type of air vehicle employed by Enterprise. These flying vehicles are deployed when one of the company's complex or research labs, which are spread across the planet, is under attack. They fly to the attacked facility in question to assist and transport any injured personnel back to Enterprise HQ, primarily so as to prevent them from revealing any company secrets[1], possibly from questioning by local authorities.

Taking advantage of this, Hiryu and Kain destroyed the Amazon Research Instute expecting these aircrafts to show up, and then infiltrated one vehicle to gain a direct trip and access to Enterprise's main headquarters undetected.[1]

Strider 2Edit

Neohongkong upperdistrict
Aircars are seen as the main method of transportation for the wealthy elite of Neo Hong Kong City's Upper district, having replaced regular cars entirely. These vehicles are a constant sight in the city's highly transited airspace, flying around the skyscrapers in predetermined routes peppered with neon-lit signs and promotions. There are several models of aircars, including sleek sports cars and transport vehicles. One specific type is the Airbus (エアバス)[2], a transport truck with a large metal container with the word "ЯHR" on the side.

Upon reaching the Upper Class district, Hiryu jumps on top of an Airbus and is confronted by the Kuniang team, who strike a pose in front of him before splitting away and beginning their attack. Hiryu fights the three sisters while jumping from one moving aircar to another, and eventually defeats them.

It is worth noting regular cars are apparently still used by the lower castes living in the forgotten Lower district, where broken remains of cars can be seen at the side of the destroyed streets in the area.



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