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The Prison Ship, the terrorist's lair

The Alien Terrorists are the main enemy force featured in Strider II. The group is responsible for having kidnapped the leader of Planet Magenta, holding her planet to ransom. The terrorists had been engaged in war against the Magentans as they attempted to rescue their leader before hiring The Warrior in order to rescue her.[1]

As the setting was completely rewritten in the three ports for Sega consoles, all references to "Alien Terrorists" were removed. Instead, the text refers to the enemy force as The Master's "slave warriors"[2], serving Grandmaster Meio directly in his attempt to invade Earth/get revenge for a previous defeat. The monicker is likely in reference to the final stage being a Prison Ship.


Mutant Soldier[]

The Mutant Soldier[3] is the basic enemy unit found in-game, appearing in all stages in the original Strider II, while they only appear on Stage 2 and 5 in the later ports.

The Mutant Soldier appears wearing a gray and yellow suit with a head-concealling white helmet, and carries a small gun. A very basic enemy, the Mutant Soldier simply runs back and forth aimlessly, sometimes shooting a projectile while running around. He can hit Hinjo with either the projectile or by direct contact.

They appear in large numbers, specially in the original home computer games, making them a nuisance in spite of being easily eliminated.

Homing Missile Mechanoid[]

The Homing Missile Mechanoid[3] is an enemy only found in the Master System and Game Gear ports. He appears during Stage 4 and 5.

The enemy is a soldier using a metallic gray full-body armor and a small missile launcher to shoot in front of him. He stands idle on Hinjo's path and attacks by shooting homing missiles constantly. The enemy makes no other move, and the missiles can be easily destroyed mid-flight.

This enemy sprite is actually edited from one of Solo's standing idle sprites, making this enemy slightly resemble him.


The Battletank[3] (sometimes Battle Tank) is an enemy encountered in all versions of the game, exclusively during the 2nd stage. This enemy's behavior varies depending on which version of Strider II it is faced:

In the original 16-bit home computers, Battletanks appear briefly during the final section of the stage. They move from right to left of the screen difficulting Hinjo's advance, but otherwise don't attack directly. As they can't be destroyed, the player must jump and walk over them in order to progress.

In the Commodore 64 and Amstrad CPC versions, a single Battletank appears as a mid-boss enemy in the final section of the stage. The tank simply moves back and forth and shoots a bullet from its turret. In the ZX Spectrum version, two Battletanks serve as the end stage boss battle instead, although they behave the same way as the other 8-bit versions.

In the Master System version, the Battletank appears similar to the 8-bit versions as a mid-boss in the stage. Its attack pattern was upgraded, and now it can move its turret upwards and shoot round bombs at different angles. In the Mega Drive version, the tank is a mid-boss battle in the 2nd section of the stage. Its turret doesn't move but it still shoots round bombs from its top at different angles, while its turret now shoots small electric orbs straight ahead. It can be easily destroyed by keeping distance from it and using shuriken.

"Flying Giraffe"[]

The "Flying Giraffe" (nickname given by programmer Danny Whelan[4]) is a boss introduced in the Game Gear port of the game, replacing the Grandmaster Meio battle from the Mega Drive port.

The Flying Giraffe is a combat fighter aircraft with a yellow and brown pattern resembling giraffe's fur. The aircraft follows a strict pattern: it first appears flying on top of the screen, moving from right to left and releasing incendiary bombs when close to leaving the screen, then repeats the attack from left to right. It then returns from the right side flying in the middle of the screen and shooting two missiles at Hinjo, repeating the same pattern again from left to right. Finally, it appears from the top right and flies down as it moves left, then comes from the left side at full speed.

The enemy is hard to strike due to its speed and its ability to damage Hinjo by ramming or directly touching him.

Terrorist Leader[]

The Terrorist Leader (official name unknown) is the final boss in the home computers and Master System version, taking the position of Grandmaster Meio.

The Terrorist Leader is a large, black bald man with gray armor and a large gun in his hand. He also sports a mechanical lower half and legs. Despite being the final boss, he's rather simple. The leader attacks by shooting fireballs from his gun, which he can do while standing or crouching down. When confronted, he will simply stand in place and shoot while constantly crouching and standing up, sometimes walking a few steps back and forth. He can attack from off-screen, but his projectiles don't cause too much damage and the player can easily outlast him in a quick shooting contest, taking him down with little effort.

In the Master System port, the Terrorist Leader sports a different appearance, sporting a blue sleeveless shirt, bright yellow pants and a strange, elongated head. He also wields a larger gun and a jetpack on his back. He's a lot more active in this version, moving around while shooting and also performing long jumps with his jetpack. He can hit Hinjo with both his projectiles or by direct contact as well.


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