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This article describes scrapped enemy concepts related to the Animal-shaped Mechanism enemy set from Strider 2.

Fish-type Robot[]

Str2 unused fish.png

The Fish-type Robot (魚型のメカ) is one of the earliest animal-themed machines planned for the game. This machine has a shark or piranha-styled design, with large fins and teeth, but how it behaved or acted is unknown. It was planned for underwater sections, of which there are none in the released game.[1]

There's also another fish robot that appears to be smaller, with no teeth and large spiked fins on its back.

Salamander-type Robot[]

Str2 unused mecha lizard.png

The Salamander-type Robot (サンショウウオ型メカ) is another scrapped animal-themed machine, designed after a small salamander. The machine would have a three-layered body capable of expanding to increase the robot's size, or compress it into a wheel-like form. The Salamander was mainly planned as a crawling robot capable of climbing walls, while its wheel form was able to dash across water as well as climb up walls, and was intended to explode upon contact.[1]

Jellyfish-type Robot[]

Str2 unused kurage.png

The Jellyfish-type Robot (クラゲ型メカ) is a scrapped jellyfish-shaped machine. The machine has a large, heavily spiked top and several hook-ended tentacles. It'd have attacked Hiryu by flying toward him as he climbed walls and damage him through direct contact.[1]

Lady Bird[]

Str2 unused lady bird.png

The Lady Bird (レイディバード) is a scrapped insect-themed machine intended for the Third Moon stage[2]. The machine has the basic appearance of a ladybug with a spotted shield-like top, and four propellers to fly around. It appears to behave identical to the Tadpole in the final game, moving back and forth while striking Hiryu with an energy spike or horn protruding from its shield.

Spear Mantis[]

Str2 unused spear mantis concept.png

The Spear Mantis (スピアマンティス) is another scrapped insect-themed machine planned to appear in the final stage[2]. A mid-sized machine designed after a praying mantis with two large energy swords instead of limbs, the Spear Mantis would have walked around and attacked Hiryu when in close proximity.

The mantis also has a "reverse mode" in which its legs would turn backwards to attach to the ceiling and its long, tail-like appendage would twist around to its front. In this mode the Spear Mantis could also attack using a gun placed in its tail.[2]

The existence of a "reverse mode" indicates this enemy was specifically planned for the reverse-gravity corridor found in the 2nd scene of the stage.

Ring Rubber[]

Str2 unused ring rubber.png

The Ring Rubber (リングルーバー) is the third and final insect-themed machine planned for the final stage[3]. Shaped like a ringed worm, this machine consisted of two mechanical pieces joined by a long tubular piece covered in rings. It'd have moved by slowly crawling toward Hiryu and it'd have attacked by releasing several ring projectiles from all over its central piece[3]. It was also capable of using its back part to strike the ceiling and cling to it.


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