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The Assistant (助手)[1] is a minor enemy type from Strider 2, appearing as a stage enemy in the fourth stage.

The Assistants are a group of scientists working in the Flying Battleship Balrog's Development Dock under The Professor's orders. There are a total of seven Assistants in the area: six split into teams of two at the beginning, and a seventh standing next to the Professor at the exit. All of them are simple scientists with no fighting ability, and thus are cowards who either freeze in place as they tremble in fear, or quickly run away when confronted by Hiryu.

They are seen wielding a strange, butcher knife-shaped electric weapon in hand. They are, however, too scared to actually use it, and some simply weakly point it toward Hiryu.


Appears in Stage 4 (Flying Battleship Balrog), Scene 4.

While Hiryu is making his way across the Balrog, the Professor orders them to build metal barricades as a way to block his way across the Development Dock. The Assistants stand in groups of two within the initial three-tiered scaffolding, forging together an improptu metal wall in an attempt to block Hiryu's path. One of the assistants is seen using a hammer, while the other is using a welding torch while crouching down. When Hiryu approaches a barricade, they can be heard screaming "Hurry!" (Isoge!) in desperation.

They serve more as an obstacle than an actual enemy as they don't even attempt to attack Hiryu. As soon as the wall is destroyed, the assistant with the torch falls onto his back trembling in fear while the other runs away from Hiryu until he hits a dead end and starts looking around desperately.

There are always three groups of Assistants in the stage, regardless of difficulty.



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