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Australia is one of the stages found in the NES Strider. It is the second stage to be unlocked, after reproducing Disk #1, though it can't be fully accessed until after obtaining the Level 5 Key. The stage is very short, and half of it is actually a secluded part of another stage, Africa.


Following the infiltration of The Syndicate's base at Los Angeles, Hiryu discovers that there's a secret passage linking Australia with Africa. Investigating this information, he transports himself to Australia and finds a cave with a Level 5 door, which can be opened with the Key he obtained from Faceas Clay. The Transport Tube found within the cave reaches into a secluded section of the african cave, housing another ZAIN Terminal. Hiryu confronts the enemies there and destroys this last terminal.


Note: Area names are not official

Exterior & Cave
Hiryu's starting point is a short area with a set of spiked beds and a couple of armed sentries, which leads into a cave. The cave’s entrance is a Level 5 Door, and the cave itself is a small section with two floors connected with a transport tube. Arana and small clawed robots litter the lower level. The transport tube on its end leads into the cave in Africa.

Underground Cave
This area is actually part of the cave complex found in Africa, an area only accessed from the Australian transport tube. Upon entering, there are three different doors to choose from: two on the right side, stacked one above the other, and one on the left. The upper right one leads into a room with Ryuzaki and a transport tube that leads into the main cavern found in Africa. This is a one-way tube, so using it leaves Hiryu stranded in Africa, forcing one to return to the Blue Dragon and re-enter Australia.

The lower right door leads into Badger’s room. The left door leads to a transport tube down a sub-level, where Dragon Fiend stands as guardian. Following the path leads into another transport tube, who reaches a second sub-level where the ZAIN Terminal’s room is located.

Stage Enemies[]

Enemies present in this stage include: