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Automatons[1] is the name given to all machine enemies featured in Strider II and all its versions, a group of mechanical hostiles used by the Alien Terrorists in their war against Magenta.

They are referred to as Automadions in the Mega Drive port's manual, which apparently is "space slang for funky robot type guys", where they are listed as part of Grandmaster Meio's "legions of nimrods".[2]


Automated Sentry[]

The Automated Sentry or Sentry robot[3] is the basic machine unit, appearing in all stages in the original Strider II and the Master System port, but only in the 1st, 3rd and final stage in the Mega Drive port.

The Automated Sentry is a bipedal machine with a round, silver mechanical body from where a small guns hang from its underside. These automatic drones are programmed to patrol around areas and destroy any alien organism they encounter[4]. There's also a legless flying variation of Automated Sentry found in later stages.

A simple enemy that can be found roaming back and forth in areas of the stage until they spot Hinjo, at which point they start shooting needle-like projectiles at him. They don't perform any other action, and can be easily dealt with. The flying type behaves the exact same way as well.

There's an unique action performed by the sentries found inside the airship in the middle of the first stage, only in the Mega Drive port. These Automated Sentries will stop walking every few seconds, plant their weapon on the ground and shoot. As neither effect nor attack comes out of this, this action is entirely harmless. Sentries in this area also give a slower score reward of just 50 PTS.

Mecho Bird[]

Mecho Bird or Mechobird[3] is a mechanical bird of prey featured in all stages of the original Strider II but only in the 1st stage in later ports. Although the name should probably be "Mecha Bird", it is consistently misspelled this way.

Mecho Birds are one of the most numerous and bothersome enemies in the original version, as they constantly spawn from the top areas of the screen and swarm Hinjo for the duration of the stage. They tend to appear on the top right corner of the screen and remain in place for a random amount of time, after which they swoop down and attempt to crash into Hinjo for damage, exploding if they successfully hit him. Mecho Birds respawn constantly and attack relentlessly, forcing the player to be always on guard. They are also accompanied by flying missiles that behave the same way.

Their behavior was changed for the Mega Drive port. Mecho Birds now act more like vultures and are found only in the Forbidden Forest. They can be spotted sitting on tree branches, and once Hinjo comes close enough they swoop down and attack him. Some Mecho Birds can be seen carrying Item Boxes as well, in a way similar to the Flying Mosqueman in the original Strider.


The Robopost[3] is a mechanical post featured in most stages of the game in all its versions.

As the name indicates, the Robopost is a light blue and yellow mechanical post with a black domed top. A static enemy, Roboposts only attack when Hinjo approach them, by opening their top and releasing a number of round bombs at Hinjo's direction. Shooting around 4 bombs, they come out at different heights and arcs and cover a large area, making them a hassle to dodge. Sliding and crouching near the Robopost is usually a good way to avoid taking hits when facing them.

Roboposts rise from under the ground when approached in the original version, but they are always visible in the Mega Drive port.


The Spinner[3] is a small machine first introduced in the Master System port. It appears in the 2nd, 3rd and last stage.

Spinners are small, circular machines with a white core and small, spinning edges around its surface. They can be found either floating around areas or standing idle in place, and can only damage Hinjo by making direct contact. They don't pose much of a threat in general.

Similar to the Mecho Birds, Spinner can occasionally be seen carrying an Item Box below them.

Genetically-advanced plant[]

The Genetically-advanced plant[3] is an enemy that appears in all versions of the game.

A rather inconspicuos plant-like object, this plant acts like a sort of proximity mine. It activates when Hinjo comes close to it, forming itself from underground into a green bush-like object with a core. If approached, the plant releases round projectiles from its core to attack.

In the original version, the plant stands in place and shoots three bombs at Hinjo's direction, at various heights. In the Mega Drive port, the plant instead shoots its core upwards which then explodes and releases five small projectiles all around it.

Small machine[]

A small mechanical machine with no official name known, only seen in the Mega Drive and Game Gear ports. It appears in the 2nd and final stage.

This little machine is white and has thread wheels, moving slowly back and forth in some areas. It takes no other action, simply pacing around and damaging by direct contact, although it requires a crounching hit to destroy due to its small and compact size.

As a very simple enemy it is no threat to the player.


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