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The Backward Somersault (後方宙返り), originally translated Back Flip[1], is one of Hiryu's new skills introduced in Strider 2.


Hiryu performs a Backward Somersault

A quick evasive move, the Backward Somersault is a very fast back jump performed only when Hiryu is in the middle of a Slide, done by pressing the jump button while holding a direction against the sliding direction. Once done, Hiryu will do a short Cartwheel Jump on the opposite direction he was sliding, quickly moving away. This is a non-offensive maneuver best used to avoid running into enemies or attacks, and is effective in "hit-and-run" tactics against large bosses with a lot of health, sliding and back-jumping around them as Hiryu constantly slashes them apart with the Cypher.

Other appearances[]

  • This is also a skill available to Hien during the PlayStation port's "Hien Mode", although the boss version of him never uses it.
  • The Backward Somersault is used as part of Hiryu's neutral attack in Project X Zone 2.


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