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Badger art from the manual

Badger is a minor character from the NES Strider. He is fought once in China and Australia, and twice in the Red Dragon.

Not much is known about Badger. It's possible he's a Strider that has sided with Matic and his private unit, as he calls Hiryu a "traitor" during one of their encounters[1]. He's seen protecting the ZAIN Terminal in China and the one found in Africa's underground cave. Later, he's one of the guardians in Matic's Red Dragon station. His weapons of choice are a small sword and a giant shield, big enough to cover his whole body from any frontal assault.


Strider (NES)[]

Badger is tasked with the protection of the ZAIN Terminal found on China. During Hiryu's infiltration of the complex, he faces off against Badger and defeats him. They meet again later in Africa's underground caves, where he taunts Hiryu, revealing that destroying the terminals does no good as long as the Main Tree is functional. With this information, Hiryu defeats him and continues ahead.

On the Red Dragon station, Badger stands protecting one of the two "systems" that unlocks the door to Yggdrasil's chamber. He calls Hiryu a traitor and tries to kill him, but is defeated. His last attempt against Hiryu is done in the final area leading to Yggdrasil, where he blocks his path alongside the remains of Matic's unit. He's defeated, this time for good.


During battle, Badger walks towards Hiryu slowly and, once close enough, strikes with his sword repeatedly. He will also copy the player's actions, either jumping or ducking when the player does so. Badger's shield covers his front entirely, so to damage him one has to get behind him and attack his unprotected back.

In order to defeat him, the player has to jump so Badger will jump as well. Since he only jumps straight upwards, there's an opening that allows Hiryu to quickly move behind him while he's coming down, and then strike once at his back before he hits ground and turns around to face Hiryu again.


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