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Strider Kage Strider Kage 20 February 2021

Strider Hiryu joins Teppen!

The Strider series is headed for Teppen in its latest expansion update! Teppen is a 2019 collectable card battle video game developed by GungHo Entertainment, featuring several Capcom franchises as both selectable characters (called "Heroes") and cards used to build a deck and face other players in fast-paced battles. As part of the game's 8th expansion, "A Dark Agenda", the Strider series will become one of its featured franchises! Have a look at the official trailer, showing Ada Wong (the new Hero character) discussing all other playable characters and Hiryu, who makes his debut in the game as a Legendary-rank card.

  • "A Dark Agenda" cinematic trailer

Besides Hiryu, other confirmed characters to appear include the three Options and Solo ZN-2 (in …

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Scion238 Scion238 28 January 2020

MeToo Hits Strider's Corner of the Gaming Industry

On December 16, reported that the former CEO of Dangen Entertainement, the former VP of games talent agency Digital Development Management Agency (DDM) Japan, and former Capcom producer Ben Judd has been accused of "inappropriate behavior, harassment, and bad business practices". These same accusations have coincided with Judd's resignation from Dangen and dismissal from DDM.

Longtime Strider fans will remember Judd from the period prior to Double Helix's reboot, when Judd was between the critical and commercial success of Bionic Commando: ReArmed and the spectactular failure of 2009's Bionic Commando. During this period, he pushed hard for GRiN to get greenlit to make a Strider sequel, saying in both the Guardian and the Telegraph

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Scion238 Scion238 1 January 2020

New Year, New Decade, New Strider Game?

Back before Christmas, news broke that Capcom had re-applied for the trademarks for several of their classic franchises, among them Bionic Commando, Power Stone, and Rockman Dash (aka Mega Man Legends). Lost amid the scuffle over the possibility of a Mega Man Legends 4 was the fact that Capcom had applied to renew Strider as well.

Ordinarily, this would be business as usual, were it not for the fact that Koji Oda is currently in charge of Capcom's Mega Man franchise. Oda worked on both Double Helix's 2014 installment in the series and Monster Hunter: World, alongside longtime Strider series stalwart Sho Sakai.

Given that both have history with the series and are still prominent voices at Capcom, is it too much to hope for a new game?

Time alone will tell, …

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Strider Kage Strider Kage 14 June 2017

More Strider series representation in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

E3 Trailers have been released for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, and along with a new batch of announced character we fans of the Strider series got one unexpected surprise: Grandmaster Meio is part of the story mode!

As seen in the Story Trailer 3, Grandmaster Meio is one of the villains in the story holding one of the six Infinity Stones (the Power Stone) in the depths of "Knomoon", a location made of the merging of the Knowhere from Guardians of the Galaxy and the Third Moon, and he's also "rewritten the core routines" of Mega Man X's comrade Zero to make him his subordinate. Meio appears with his latest design as debuted in the 2014 Strider.

There hasn't been any confirmation over whether he's part of the roster, a future DLC or simply a non-p…

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Strider Kage Strider Kage 29 April 2017

Strider Hiryu in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Probably most people is already aware of this news, but still! The latest entry in the Marvel vs. Capcom series, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, received its 2nd batch of reveals a few days ago, including a story trailer and gameplay explanations. And among the eight new confirmed fighters to join the roster is Strider Hiryu!

Hiryu returns to the fighting world in his classic design (instead of the 2014 appearance from his latest game) and brings most of the same moves back as expected, but now with a few new moves to show.

  • Story Trailer
  • Gameplay Trailer 2
  • Gameplay video

The moves that have been spotted in both videos and screenshots include:

  • His air slicing "Excalibur" attack.
  • The long-ranged "Gram", which can be seen used in gameplay vids for some ne…
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Strider Kage Strider Kage 24 June 2016

Strider collaboration in Monster Hunter Generation

Announced today in Capcom-Unity (link), Monster Hunter Generation will receive its 4th Western-exclusive collaboration set based on Strider Hiryu. Following sets for Fire Emblem, Okami and Ghosts 'n Goblins, the Strider collab includes an armor set for both male and female hunters based on Hiryu's uniform (complete with scarf, obviously) and his classic Cypher sword as a weapon in the "Dual Blades" class. The Cypher is still a single sword so the player hunter fills in on the non-existant second blade with bare-handed chops, similar to Hiryu's own dis-arming chops featured in the manga!

Check out the collab trailer here!

The game is planned to release on July 15 for Nintendo 3DS.

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Strider Kage Strider Kage 2 October 2015

Strider: Fall of the Grandmaster Remastered (Fan-made OST)

Something I've run into and felt was well worth mentioning here. Swedish composer Hyde209 recently released Strider: Fall of the Grandmaster Remastered, an Indie remix album of the original Arcade Strider. The album covers the entire original OST as well as an original prologue track and "story segments" expanding on the Arcade cutscenes, with each character speaking in their respective language just like in the game.

You can hear it here, in Hyde209's bandcamp site. You can also check out his original album, released back in 2013.

Personally this is a must-hear for any fan of the original Arcade game, and I very much recommend it!

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Strider Kage Strider Kage 13 April 2015

Strider Hiryu Confirmed for Project X Zone 2

Today was the official announcement of Project X Zone 2: Brave New World, sequel to the 2012 Namco-Bandai/Capcom/Sega crossover, Project X Zone (which, story-wise, was a direct follow-up to 2005's Namco x Capcom). And Hiryu is among the cast confirmed in its official trailer, sporting its most iconic appearance from Strider 2/Marvel vs. Capcom. Hiryu is apparently a "Pair Unit" fighting together with Sega's fellow red-scarf ninja, Hotsuma from the Shinobi series.

From Famitsu's coverage of the reveal, Hiryu's seiyuu has been confirmed to be Kosuke Toriumi, Hiryu's veteran voice actor who has played him (and Hien) back in Strider 2 and Namco x Capcom. One screenshot (seen below) also confirms that Bounty Hunter Solo and the Flying Battleship Balrog (b…

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Strider Kage Strider Kage 11 January 2015

Strider is One of the 20 Most Downloaded PS4 Games of 2014!

As reported by the PlayStationLifeStyle site, PlayStation's Japanese site revealed a list of the 20 most downloaded games from their PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita online stores, gathering data from the whole year, from January 1 to December 15.

The PlayStation 4 version of Strider made into the ranking at the 16th spot. A well-deserved congratulations goes to the whole staff at both Double Helix and Capcom who made this game possible. Thanks!

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Strider Kage Strider Kage 9 January 2015
0 Names Strider's OST the Best of 2014

As blogged by Capcom-Unity's GregaMan, video game music site has named the 2014 Strider's soundtrack the best soundtrack of 2014.

You can read the write-up here. Congratulations to the game's composer, Michael John Mollo, for this recognition!

Thanks to Strider Ichiban from the Strider Citadel for the heads-up.

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Strider Kage Strider Kage 2 October 2014

Strider 2 Arriving to North America PSN as a PSOne Classic!!

As announced by Capcom-Unity's GregaMan and reported by Siliconera, the PlayStation port of Strider 2 (with the bundled port of the origial Strider included, as well) will finally become available for purchase on the PlayStation Network Store for the PlayStation 3, PSP and PSVita this October 7th!!

This is confirmed for the North American PSN at the moment. The Japanese store has already received its version back in August, and there's no info yet about an European release. A great chance to experience (or relive, why not) these two classic platform games, so spread the word out!!

Thanks to Strider Truner from the Citadel for the heads-up!

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Strider Kage Strider Kage 8 September 2014

The Light Sword Cypher Mainframe is back!

A quick heads-up for fans of the series, as the premiere fansite for the Strider series, the "Light Sword Cypher Mainframe", has returned after being offline for a long time.

Right now all the original content is back online, including the first three chapters of Kaijin's high-quality Strider Hiryu manga translation, with news and updates coming at a later date.

Highly recommended! So don't forget to check it out!

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Strider Kage Strider Kage 21 August 2014

Strider 1&2 to be released in Japanese PlayStation Store!

This tuesday, Capcom's official twitter account "capcom_retro" (which focus on the company's older library of games) just confirmed that the "Game Archives" version of the PlayStation Strider Hiryu 1&2 will finally become available in the Japanese PlayStation Store next Wednesday, August 27th!

Check the twitter itself here

For the moment, this is obviously a Japan-only announcement, so we'll have to wait patiently for word about a possible English release.

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Strider Kage Strider Kage 3 August 2014

Unreleased Famicom Strider goes live!

Back in April 1 of this year NintendoAge forum member Arasoi was able to succesfully bid on an auction for one of those elusive Strider white carts containing a prototype of the game's Japanese version, which for unknown reasons was cancelled and never saw light in its native country. As the known story goes, the prototype was later picked up by Capcom USA, received a quick code clean-up, a few changes here and there and was then released a few months after its more successful Arcade sibling.

Today, and after a sadly unsuccesful attempt to create a reproduction with a fixed, all-around upgraded version, Arasoi has decided to release the game publicly. Check NintendoAge for this piece of Strider history!

The game was extremelly buggy at this poin…

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Strider Kage Strider Kage 28 June 2014

PS4 Strider a Free Game for PlayStation Plus in July

For all those with PlayStation Plus subscriptions, July will begin Sony's offering of two Free games per month. And the PlayStation 4 version of Strider will be one of the first games available July 1st, next Tuesday.

There's no best time to try out the game than this if you haven't already! Or, why not, if you have already but want a second go at it! :)

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Strider Kage Strider Kage 13 April 2014

Strider Leaderboard Showdown Round 5

The fifth and final Capcom-Unity's Strider event is underway now, covering the XBox 360 version! Last chance for a lucky player to win a nice red Strider scarf!

Instructions in GregaMan's blog:

Best of luck, everyone!

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Strider Kage Strider Kage 6 April 2014

Strider Leaderboard Showdown Round 4

Capcom-Unity is holding out the fourth round in their Strider contest, now for the PlayStation 3 version, and the winner gets a really nice Strider scarf!

Instructions in GregaMan's blog:

Best of luck, everyone!

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Strider Kage Strider Kage 29 March 2014

Strider Leaderboard Showdown Round 3

Capcom-Unity is holding out the third round in their Strider contest, with the winner getting a really nice red scarf! If you have the Xbox One version, you can play to win it!

Instructions in GregaMan's blog:

Unfortunately I missed out on the first two rounds, and couldn't write about them. Really sorry about that. In any case, for those entering, best of luck!!!

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Strider Kage Strider Kage 14 February 2014

Two Strider videos no fan should miss

For those who have missed these two video features from Capcom-Unity, they are more than worthy of watching while awaiting for next week's release of the new Strider!

  • Strider - A Capcom Retrospective (, done by Capcom-Unity's GregaMan, it goes throughout Hiryu's appearance in several games, from his own to cameos like Marvel vs. Capcom.
  • Strider Behind the Scenes (, a feature with several members of Double Helix Games and Capcom Japan veterans detailing how the game came to be.

Strider is fast approaching! Can't wait!

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Strider Kage Strider Kage 26 January 2014

Several new Strider preview videos

New footage, beware some spoilers in them, for the upcoming Strider have been released these past days. There's a mix of old and new areas shown, and some boss footage as well.

Will update if I find more preview vids, so keep an eye just in case!

Thanks to Strider Citadel's member Strider Ichiban for gathering them:

Strider Enemy PREVIEW

GameSpot's Peter Brown & Maxwell McGee play and discuss Strider

Italian Everyeye preview videos

Part 1:
Part 2:

Italian Spaziogames preview video

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Strider Kage Strider Kage 22 January 2014

Gameplay videos and Achievements Revealed

A bit late on this one, but for those who missed it: Capcom-Unity had a stream of the game's Research District in January 16, here's the link to the archived video:

The video covers most of the Research Area, including the Mecha Pon boss fight and subsequent cutscene, so a warning for those who are bothered by mild spoiler. Other stuff confirmed by the video include:

  • Three difficulty settings
  • A stated length of 7-8 hours without hunting for secrets and other unlockables.
  • There are several unlockables to hunt for, including Concept art.
  • The game will only include English voices. Text will be available in other languages, including Japanese.
  • Teases about possible alternate costumes. Nothing confirmed, b…
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Strider Kage Strider Kage 13 December 2013

Music Composer Interview & New Limited Edition Information

From Capcom-Unity, GregaMan has posted a new blog about the upcoming Strider, which includes a video comparing the game's remixed themes with their original inspirations from both the Arcade and NES originals. There's also a nice interview with the game's music composer, Michael John Mollo as well.


From the other end of the globe, the Japanese gaming website 4gamer and the game's e-capcom official site have both updated with new information regarding the game's boxed limited "Special-A Class" edition. Links below:

A summary of points of intere…

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Strider Kage Strider Kage 22 November 2013

New Information: "Special A Class Limited Edition"

Thanks to Suzaku from the Strider Citadel for the heads-up!

The official site (and Japanese website 4gamer) have revealed a bunch of new info about the upcoming Strider game, for its Japanese release:

PS3 and PS4 versions are set for a February 22, 2014 release date. Xbox 360/One and PC versions are still pending. PS3 version will be available in physical and digital, PS4 will be digital-only.

PS3 version will include an exclusive download code for the two-discs PS1 port of both Strider and Strider 2 (Strider Hiryu 1&2 in Japan), together with a PS3 Strider custom theme.

They have also revealed the "Strider Hiryu: Special A Class Limited Edition", which will come with a special storage box set with the following goods:

  • Strider for PS3 + download code for …
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Strider Kage Strider Kage 9 October 2013

Strider NYCC Trailer, plus Price Confirmed

UPDATE: Brelston from Capcom-Unity had a stream of the Strider NYCC demo. Check the archived version here.

A new set of screenshots and a trailer for the coming Strider demo appearing in this weekend's New York Comic Con event have been revealed by Capcom-Unity's GregaMan. Go check 'em out right here. Includes first glimpses of a boss enemy wearing a face-covering visor, armor with flying jet thrusters on his back and a giant laser cannon in hand...wonder who he can be? :P

Also, GregaMan confirmed the game's price: $14.99.

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Strider Kage Strider Kage 21 September 2013

Strider Release Date and Kuniang Unveiling!

More news from TGS! Japanese website dengekionline published a summary of the Strider "Special Stage" event, with confirmation for an official release date: February 22, 2014; likely (but unconfirmed) for all regions.

The other noteworthy reveal from the Special Event came in the form of two returning characters: Kuniang sisters Bei Pooh (Pei Pooh?) and Nang Pooh (who in most regards appears to be Sai Pooh, just using the name of the 4th mysterious sister, Nam Pooh).

Nothing on their leader yet, so for now here are their portrait art:

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Strider Kage Strider Kage 20 September 2013

TGS First Impressions!

While we eagerly await for Strider's upcoming live stream this coming Sunday, here are some early impressions from some gaming websites, gathered by Citadel member Suzaku:

IGN - Strider HD Feels Really Damn Good

Siliconera - Strider Hands-On: Faster Than Ever

Kotaku - The New Strider is a Classic Reborn

4gamer's Impressions (in Japanese, check out the topic for Suzaku's summary of this one.)

The demo seemingly covers the same area from the gameplay trailer, cutting off at the boss battle against the "Oroboros MkIII" (the new segmented serpent), though there are small changes and a few new upgrades/techniques can be seen in action.

The game seems to be shaping up very nicely!

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Strider Kage Strider Kage 7 September 2013

Strider will be playable at Tokyo Game Show 2013

As confirmed in Capcom's official Japanese website for Strider, the upcoming game will have a playable demo in this year's Tokyo Game Show!

The new website for the game provides a few new screenshots and basic information on its gameplay and action, as well as a look back on the series as a whole and the two original Arcade games. Most notably, the official genre of the game is given as "High-Speed Exploration Action".

Thanks for Strider Citadel's regular Suzaku for the heads-up!

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Strider Kage Strider Kage 4 August 2013

Siliconera's Interview: Why Double Helix was Chosen

A bit late on this one, but still though It'd be worth posting about: Siliconera interviewed Andrew Szymanski about their decision to select Double Helix Games for the task. Full interview here.

Some interesting quotes:

  • "Obviously from the consumer’s perspective, it doesn’t matter until the game is out. All I can tell the readers is to check out the gameplay videos. Check out the game when it comes out to see the work, because ultimately the game has to speak for itself. I can tell you that they are the best developers in the world, but if you don’t like what they make it, then there’s no point."
  • "But if you want to know the personal background behind why I chose them, it really comes down to the passion for the IP. We needed somebody who can w…
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Strider Kage Strider Kage 21 July 2013

GameInformer's Interview with Strider's Producers

GameInformer's Jeff Cork discussed the upcoming Strider with Double Helix Games' senior producer Andrew Szymanski and the game's producer James Vance, shedding light on some lingering questions.

For the full interview, please go to this link. A quick summary of interesting information:

  • Strider will be a modern retelling of the "classic Strider story" seen in the original game and Strider 2, in which Grandmaster Meio is the despot ruler of the world, and the Striders send in Hiryu to defeat him. They wanted to avoid the need of creating a direct continuity with previous games by doing a retelling instead.
  • The "Metroidvania" design was decided as a way to marry the "fast-paced gameplay and the action and the acrobatics" of the franchise with a more…
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Strider Kage Strider Kage 19 July 2013

New Strider Announced!

While there have been rumors about its existence since last March after images of a boxart and other assets were found and leaked from Steam, today the game has finally become a reality!

In their "World of Capcom" panel at the San Diego Comic-Con, Capcom officially announced a new "Strider" game, developed by Double Helix Games and a Capcom team in Osaka, which includes "the designer of Super Ghouls 'n' Ghosts and the enemy artist on Strider 2", as reported by Polygon. A re-imagining of the original game's conflict between Hiryu and Grandmaster Meio, Strider is a 2D side-scroller with "open world" exploration in the vein of the "Metroidvania" genre, where Hiryu finds upgrades to his Cypher sword that unlocks abilities like deflecting bullets or…

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Strider Kage Strider Kage 25 January 2013

Strider Hiryu Manga - Chapter 3's up!!

Hello! It was a long wait, but damn if it was well worth it! Kaijin's excellent fan translation of the Strider Hiryu manga's Chapter 3 has been made available, keeping up with the great presentation and top-notch quality he's provided since the beginning.

Head right to the LSCM Manga section to watch and/or download it; and go check out the first two chapters if you haven't already.

We're half-way through, only three chapters left!

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Strider Kage Strider Kage 21 November 2011

Strider Hiryu Manga: Chapter 2 is Up!!

The second Chapter of the Strider Hiryu manga fan-translation has been uploaded! For those who already saw the first chapter (which has also been revised for corrections), this chapter keeps up with the great quality and presentation provided by its translator, Kaijin. Once again, a must read for any Strider fan.

You can view/download the new chapter in the LSCM's Manga section, right now!

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Strider Kage Strider Kage 16 November 2011

Mega Drive Strider released in the Virtual Console

As reported by Famitsu's official website, this November 15 Sega has released the Mega Drive port of Strider for Nintendo's Wii Virtual Console in Japan, going up for 600 Wii Points.

According to Siliconera, Capcom has announced the game will also see a release in the U.S. and Europe, albeit no dates have been given yet. This hopefully is the start for some of the other conversions to be made available as well, Strider 2 most specially.

You can visit the official Japanese site for the release here.

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Strider Kage Strider Kage 20 August 2011

SGX Strider Revindicated!

Previously, Scion posted news about Chris Covell's discovery that the presumed screenshots of the SuperGrafx port of Strider were actually from a beta of the original Arcade game, and how this pretty much turned practically the only proof of the possible existence of the unfinished SGX port back into nothing, with one of its biggest supporters changing his stance completely.

Well, the story has made another turn recently, but this time in the SGX's favor! scans have recently surfaced in the PC-Engine dev blog from July 1994's issue of UK-based gaming magazine "Edge", which conducted an interview with the manager of NEC Avenue's Multimedia division, Kimihisa Usui. In this interview, Usui confirms not only that work actually started for the fab…

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Strider Kage Strider Kage 21 July 2011

Strider Hiryu Confirmed for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Capcom has announced an enhanced re-release of their crossover fighting game Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, titled Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and slated to be released this November. Among the updates to the game's system and modes, 12 new characters will be joining the original game's cast of 38, with our man Hiryu officially unveiled in the first batch, alongside fellow Capcom character Firebrand (from the Ghosts 'n Goblins and Gargoyle's Quest series) and Marvel's Hawkeye and Ghost Rider.

As seen in the debut and gameplay trailers, Hiryu sports all the moves, specials and hypers from the original two Marvel vs. Capcom games, now upgraded into full 3D. He's also given an english voice actor, marking the first time he's been voiced in …

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Strider Kage Strider Kage 17 July 2011

Strider Hiryu Manga Fan-Translation: Chapter 1 Officially Out!

Great news they are, indeed! Finally, what those who knew of the Strider Hiryu manga's existence has been waiting for all these years: a chance to be able to read it. The first chapter of the Strider Hiryu Manga fan translation has been officially uploaded for everyone's viewing pleasure, in new scans of superb quality highlighted by a great presentation, all thanks to the hard work of its translator, Kaijin.

A definitive must read for any Strider fan, go check it out in the LSCM Manga section right away!

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Strider Kage Strider Kage 22 June 2011


Greetings! and thanks for stopping by and reading my first blog. Recently I've started out a somewhat steady updating spree, and with the frontpage update I thought debuting my blog post was in order. Tweaking the frontpage was on my "To-Do" list for a good while, and I took the chance to also include our own "Featured Article", to put in the limelight important and/or interesting articles. I hope it's good enough, so feel free to drop me a word to let me know ; )

I'll be keeping up with creating and updating pages related to the first game's world, before I tackle the somewhat neglected Strider 2-related pages. And there's other stuff in my mind, including new material and sections for the articles as well as some tweaks and redesigns, that…

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Scion238 Scion238 23 February 2011

Chris Covell's SGX Strider Reversal!

Chris Covell has switched his position on the fabled SGX port. His work on the PC Engine Fan articles was one of the best arguments for its existence. He's now uncovered some screenshots of the coin-op beta in an October 1988 issue of Marukatsu Famicom, which match the purported SGX screenshots detail-for-detail. The issue of Marukatsu Famicom predates the issues of PC Engine Fan by a good two years, which is well before the SGX version would've even been dreamed up. Despite how unlikely it seemed when initially evaluating the PC Engine Fan screencaps, it looks like they simply reused images of the beta that had been distributed to the Japanese gaming mags. You can check them out for yourself here.

This development is unexpected. And disappointing a…

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Scion238 Scion238 20 December 2010

The Citadel's reaction to Hiryu's exclusion from MvC3

As you probably know by now, Hiryu has not made the cut for Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Exactly why is a matter of some debate, and Capcom hasn't exactly been forthcoming with the facts. Anyway, when we over at The Strider Citadel heard the news, words could not contain our rage. So Lepa created an image to do the job, which you see at right.

Anyhow, if you haven't been by the Citadel yet, you definitely should check it out. It's the Net's premium Strider forum, and there's an IRC chat every Sunday on the Citadel's own channel!

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Scion238 Scion238 14 December 2010

First viewing of Necromachina this Friday!

So I heard that Necromachina will debut live on Famitsu this Friday, December 17, 2010, at 21:00 Japan Standard Time. Isuke will be playing the game himself, along with an associate! Be there!

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Scion238 Scion238 14 December 2010

Isuke's Christmas Card!

Hey guys! I have a blog up and running now. We're making some changes around here, and hopefully we can make this the new central gathering spot for Capcom's Strider fans.

Anyhow, as some of you may be aware, earlier this year I had the honor of interviewing Kouichi "Isuke" Yotsui, a freelance game designer who used to work for Capcom. His most well-known game was and is Capcom's arcade hit Strider, but you may know some of his others:

- Nostalgia 1907
- The Karate Tournament
- Lady Killer
- Osman
- Suzuki Explosion
- Necromachina (upcoming)

Japanese gaming magazine Gameside interviewed Isuke in early 2009. He revealed that he was depressed at the end of 2008 because he'd had a game canceled. When I interviewed him, he thanked me for finding him and asking…

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Strider Hikari Strider Hikari 3 September 2010

Strider Class for Rifts RPG Pen and Paper Game

Code Name: Hiryu

Status: A-Class

Age: 21

Weight: 187 lbs.


Hiryu (whose code name is Japanese for "Flying Dragon") is one of the youngest Striders ever to achieve the rank of A-Class. His skill is unmatched by many Striders but equal to his friend Kain whom he has known ever since he started training at Moralos. Hiryu has faced and defeated such threats as Emperor Meio (Hiryu's arch nemesis), Strider Matic (a currupt Vice Director of the Striders) and Onslaught (Psyche of goodwill Mutant representative, Dr. Charles Xavier. aka Professor X, founder of the infamous "X-Men"). His weapon of choice is a cypher which he calls "Falchion". With Hiryu's skilled swordsmanship, it's able to cut through the thickest of metals or kill a living bei…

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