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Boost (ブースト) or Boost Shot[1] (ブースト発動, lit. Boost Activation)[2] is one of Hiryu's new skills introduced in Strider 2.


Boost in action

The Boost is a special power-up mode of the Cypher performed by pressing the "Boost" button. When activated, each swing of the Cypher releases a homing plasma wave which locks on any nearby enemy, flying and striking at them. The plasma waves constantly change colors (from blue to purple, red, yellow and green) and fly in all directions before heading for their target, crowding the screen for as long as the mode lasts. When activated, a Boost gauge appears which displays its active time, with each Boost charge lasting roughly 8 seconds.

Using this technique requires one "Boost" stock, marked under the health bar as a little "B" symbol. Hiryu always starts with one stock, and he can find more in every stage as pick-up items. Killing enemies with Boost provides the largest points out of all of Hiryu's attacks, but each unused Boost stock increases the final score at the end of the stage.

Other appearances[]

  • Boost is part of Hiryu's movelist from Namco × Capcom. Learned at Level 31, it becomes an upgrade replacing another technique, Gram. Hiryu swings the Cypher twice, first crouching then standing, releasing two yellow plasma waves traveling upward.
  • This ability was Hiryu's Level 1 Super Art in the cancelled Capcom Fighting All-Stars, here called "Plasma Boost". The move consisted of two commands: doing the first activated it, signaled by Hiryu's Cypher glowing red, and by inputting the second command Hiryu would swing his Cypher and shoot a red plasma wave forward. Each use allowed five plasma waves to be shot.
  • Boost is featured as part of Hiryu and Hotsuma's MAP/multi-target attack in Project X Zone 2, where he uses a faithful recreation of the move to strike all targets around him.
  • "Boost Activation" is the Special Power of Hiryu's card in SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters DS.
  • Although not featured in the 2014 Strider, the Magnetic Cypher is a similar, if watered down, version of the skill in which Hiryu releases a homing wave of magnetic plasma with each swing.



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