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Capcom Classics Collection Remixed Soundtrack is a promotional CD album for the Capcom compilation game Capcom Classics Collection Volume 2 and its PSP version. Released exclusively during E3 2006, the soundtrack is a compilation of all the remixed themes created for the game and included as extras in the "Sound Test" unlockables.

There are a total of 20 remixed themes created from six of the games included in the compilation, arranged by Roland Casiquin Jr. and Philip Abano Navidad. Three of these themes are from Strider.


Track N° Series Name Length
01 Strider Stage 3 Start 1:32
02 Strider Stage 3 BGM 2:02
03 Strider Grand Master 1:26
04 Street Fighter Bonus Stage 1 1:04
05 Street Fighter Bonus Stage 2 0:36
06 Street Fighter Shaolin Temple 1:52
07 Street Fighter End Game 1:32
08 Street Fighter Western Joe 2:00
09 Side Arms Battleship A 1:05
10 Side Arms Round 2 1:05
11 Side Arms Battleship B 1:05
12 Side Arms Round 4 0:53
13 Side Arms Last Battleship 1:18
14 Black Tiger Shop 0:56
15 Black Tiger Stage 5 BGM 0:46
16 Black Tiger Stage 7 BGM 0:54
17 The Speed Rumbler Sharp Shooting 1:01
18 1941 Stage 2 Boss 1:29
19 1941 Stage 4 Boss 1:42
20 1941 End Game 2:15


The first two Strider remixes are titled "Stage 3 Start" and "Stage 3 BGM", but they are actually remixes of the first two themes in the 4th stage ("Valleys and Rivers" and "Roaring"). This mistake is traced back to the internal music listing in the Arcade game and the fact the 3rd and 4th stages were swapped early during development.

The third remixed theme is based on Grandmaster Meio's eponymous boss music, but due to the collection using the early Arcade version with missing music the original theme this remix is based on can't be heard when playing the compilation itself.


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