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Capcom Classics Collection Volume 2 is a game compilation developed by Digital Eclipse Software (later merged into Backbone Entertainment) and published by Capcom for PlayStation 2 and Xbox in 2006. The game is a recopilation of 20 Arcade games from between 1986 to 1994, plus a bonus version of Quiz & Dragons: Capcom Quiz Game focused exclusively on Capcom-related questions. A version for the PSP was also released earlier in the year titled Capcom Classics Collection Remixed, featuring most of the same lineup with a few exceptions.

Both compilations include several bonus features for each game, such as artwork galleries, gameplay tips and sound tests. Unlike Volume 1, neither of these compilations saw release in Japan.

Game List[]

Year Game Included in
1985 Section Z Remixed
1986 Legendary Wings Remixed
1986 The Speed Rumbler Both
1987 Avengers Both
1987 Black Tiger Both
1987 Street Fighter Both
1987 Tiger Road Volume 2
1988 Last Duel Both
1988 Side Arms: Hyper Dyne Both
1988 Forgotten Worlds Remixed
1989 Strider Both
1989 Final Fight Remixed
1990 1941: Counter Attack Both
1990 Magic Sword Both
1990 Mega Twins Both
1991 Block Block Both
1991 Captain Commando Both
1991 The King of Dragons Both
1991 Knights of the Round Both
1991 Three Wonders Both
1992 Quiz & Dragons: Capcom Quiz Game Both
1992 Varth: Operation Thunderstorm Both
1993 Eco Fighters Both
1994 Super Street Fighter II Turbo Volume 2


The original CPS-1 Arcade Strider is included in both compilations. While a perfect emulation of the Arcade original, it uses the version with the missing music themes in Stage 3 and Stage 5, featuring instead a repeat of the first stage main theme, "Raid!".


Strider features an unlockable Gallery, Tips and Sound Test sections. The unlocks are identical in all versions of the compilation.

  • Tips: Get the Terapodal Robopanther.
    • Unlocks a Tips section with 5 short tips related to gameplay or trivia.
  • Art: Defeat Captain Beard Jr. at the end of Stage 3.
    • Unlocks an Art section with 11 pieces of artwork, including flyer art, instruction stickers for the Arcade, character artwork and the game's logo.
  • Sound Test: Beat the game.
    • Unlocks a Sound Test section including 20 themes to be heard. The first three are brand new remixes and the rest includes all main themes for the first, second and fourth stage plus extra music and short tunes. The remixes were also released as part of a promotional soundtrack later in 2006.