Capcom Game Syndrome
Released: 22px-Flag of Japan.svg 1989
Length: 1:24:02
Label: Scitron Label
Producer: Pony Canyon
Catalog Number: V98X1854

Capcom Game Syndrome (カプコンゲームシンドローム) is a video walkthrough VHS produced by Pony Canyon and released in 1989. The tape contains full game walkthroughs of Capcom's first three CPS-1 Arcade games: Ghouls 'n Ghosts, Strider and Forgotten Worlds.

It was later rereleased in LaserDisc format.


Each video is prefaced by a narrated intro explaining its basic setting and gameplay, and covers the entire gameplay from beginning to end. Strider is the second video in order, following Ghouls 'n Ghosts. Given the tape was recorded in March 1989, around the time of the Arcade's release date, it appears to use an early Arcade machine with subtle differences, such as the correct use of the "Stage 1 BGM 4" song ("Bullet Corridor") during the Novo battle (in the final it can only be heard through a glitch) or the seesaw platform in the Sky Thunder Mk-II being gold instead of silver.

For some reason, the player behind the Strider walkthrough is the only one of the three uncredited in the end credits.

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