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Catapult escape ship

The Catapult (カタパルト)[1] is a vehicle introduced in Strider 2, appearing as the final section of the 4th stage. The term can also refer to an unique obstacle found in the first Strider.[2]


The Catapult is a type of escape ship found in the Flying Battleship Balrog, docked in a escape port located under the ship's hull. These ships are long-winged red aircrafts with a central cockpit and two silver wings ending in two large jet engines each. The Catapults are connected to the Balrog through two metal vices attached to their wings. The ships are named after the catapult system used to assist in their take-off, which removes the vices and pushes the vehicle forward.

There are two Catapults visible during Hiryu's escape from the self-destructing airship. The first appears to have been damaged as only the wings are left behind, while the second is used by Admiral Wilhelm to escape the doomed Balrog. Hiryu catches up with him just as the Catapult takes off, and duels the captain on top of it.

Aircraft Catapults[]

Hiryu pulled by a Catapult

While the original Balrog appears to have no unique model of escape ships onboard, it possess a system of catapults in its back end which are used to propel airships forward as a form of assisted take-off. They also double as a deadly trap for Hiryu: if he steps on them they activate and quickly throw him off the battleship to his death, although this can be avoided by simply jumping off them beforehand.

Connected with the warship's catapult system, Captain Beard Jr.'s personal escape Flying Tortoise is called an Executive Brand Catapult (エグぜクティブ・ブレーン・カタパルト)[3], making it the first time the term is used in reference to a escape ship.


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