The Charged Cypher (チャージアタック, lit. Charge Attack) is one of Hiryu's new abilites from the 2014 Strider. This move covers the same basic function of the Cypher power-up extension from the first and second Arcade games, while how it works and its animations were based on the "Gram" move from the Marvel vs. Capcom series.


StrHD charged cypher

Charged Cypher in action

The Charged Cypher is a Cypher-based ability Hiryu gains after defeated the first boss, Vityaz-1, in the Kazakh Outskirts. This ability utilizes all the plasma power in the Cypher at once to perform a powerful, long-reaching strike.[1]

The Charged Cypher is performed by holding the primary attack button to charge plasma up, then releasing it to perform the attack. The Charged Cypher doubles the basic attack's power and it also extends the range of the arc of plasma to roughly twice its normal size. This move is a quick and effective tool to clear up enemy troopers standing close together in a single sweep. It can also be used while taking any other action such as jumping, dashing or sliding.

The Charged Cypher has other uses outside battle. It is the only technique able to break the enhanced shields used by the Shield Troopers, which are resistant enough to repel a regular Cypher strike. It is also required to start-up the Novo door locks found across Kazakh City, which require a large charge of plasma in order to unlock[1]. The move can also be used together with the enhanced Cypher forms: using it with the Reflect Cypher makes all struck projectiles perfect timed reflect shots, whereas it extends the range of the Magnetic Cypher's plasma waves and enhances the effects and reach of the Explosive and Ultra-Cold Cyphers.



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