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China is one of the stages found in the NES Strider. It is the fifth stage to be unlocked, after reproducing Disk #4. The stage is the location of both the Magnetic Boots, required to obtain the Level 4 Key, and the Attack Boots, which allow the Slide technique to damage enemies.


Following his meeting with Chief Kuramoto, Hiryu has discovered the truth behind the ZAIN Project and The Syndicate, and headed towards the organization's Chinese base to destroy the ZAIN Terminal under Kuramoto's orders. The Chinese base is actually split into two tall stone towers. The tower on the left houses most of the machines and the Terminal, whereas the right one has the Magnetic Boots. Hiryu's starting point places him on the rooftop of the right tower.

Receiving information and the Magnetic Boots from a Scientist, Hiryu travels to Kazakh in order to obtain the Level 4 Key needed to enter the complex. Once inside, Hiryu goes through the defense mechanism, defeats Badger, and finally finds and destroys the ZAIN Terminal found in the tower's lowest level.


Note: All area names are not official

Right Tower
The Right Tower consists almost exclusively of an ascending path of several sloped floors, all guarded by ground machines that attack by throwing spiked balls. Two rooms stand at the tower's top level, accessible through Transport Tubes, where the scientist and Magnetic Boots are found respectively. Two other transport tubes stand on the right side, one leading back to the Left Tower's roof, and the other leading down to the Right Tower's entrance.

Left Tower
The Left Tower's entrance door requires a Level 4 Key to access, which grants access to the top floor, guarded by a big humanoid robot. The 3rd floor is a sewer area with constantly moving spiked walls. Badger stands guard in the 2nd floor, which is followed by another sewer with spiked walls. The transport tube on this last floor leads into a very spacious chamber. There are two paths to follow: going right through two floating platforms to proceed, or to drop down to acquire the Attack Boots. Next to this room is a long elevator shaft protected by mounted guns, which is followed by a downwards shaft guarded by more guns and electric spike balls. This shaft ends in the basement of the tower, where the ZAIN Terminal is hidden. There's also a transport tube that leads back to the starting point.

Stage Enemies[]

Enemies present in this stage include: