StrHD climbsickle artwork

The Climb Sickle from the 2014 Strider

The Climb Sickle (クライムシクル) is a recurring tool present in the series. In the first game, Strider 2 and Strider (2014), it's the climbing tool used by Hiryu and Hien to cling and move through any wall and ceiling. While never actually used in the original manga, Hiryu is seen picking it up early on[1], and can be seen strapped to his back from that moment onward. It is used once as a throwing weapon during the Gaiden chapter however. The sickle is missing from the NES game, but its main function is covered by the "Magnetic Boots" in a limited manner, as they only allow Hiryu to walk up specific magnetic walls.

The Climb Sickle is also used by Hinjo in the non-canonical Strider II/Returns. In the original home computer versions, however, its restricted to climbing walls only, being for some reason unable to attach to any ceiling.


Also simply referred to as Sickle[2] or Kama (カマ)[3], the Climb Sickle is a sickle-shaped instrument used by the Striders[4]. A portable climbing hook, the sickle can be used to climb and freely move through vertical walls and other obstacles[3], as well as hanging from ceilings and other platforms. The sickle is effective to climb through walls of any angle and can pierce through surfaces of any material such as rock, metal, etc.[4]

The Climb Sickle can also be used as a weapon[4], albeit Hiryu is very rarely seen using it as such, the only known instance being when he used it as a throwing weapon to kill one of the Zangi Brothers[5]. While not in use, the Climb Sickle is stored in its sheath, strapped onto Hiryu's shoulder.

Additionally, he uses the sickle as a method of bodily throwing an enemy in his fighting game appearances.

This, along with the Cypher, are part of Hiryu's basic equipment.[4]

Pendulum AnchorEdit

Hien sickle

Hien's Pendulum Anchor

Note: This section refers to a scrapped gameplay concept, and thus does not appear in the game proper.

The Pendulum Anchor (ペンデュラム・アンカー)[6] is an unique Climb Sickle meant to be used by Hien. Much like his Geometrical Cypher, it greatly differs in shape and function to a basic Climb Sickle. Instead of a sickle shape this tool sports a straight small knife-like edge and works more akin to a grappling hook: when used, it shoots its blade forward with a wire attached to the handle, and Hien uses the momentum from a pendulum swing to quickly cross over any area.[6][7]


  • According to the early scenario draft written by Isuke, an early version of the Climb Sickle and the climbing techniques used with it were first developed by Hiryu's grandmother Midori.



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