Japanese: 秘密警察隊長
Himitsu Keisatsu Taichō
Debut: Manga: Chapter 1
Game: Strider (NES)
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Nationality: Russian
Affiliation: Kazakh Secret Police

The Secret Police Commander (秘密警察隊長) is a minor character from the Strider Hiryu manga and its NES adaptation. He's only seen during Chapter 1 in the manga, after which he suddenly disappears. He's equally unimportant in the NES game, where he holds the key to access Kain's cell[1]. This character is seen wearing an uniform identical to the one worn by General Mikiel, which may indicate he's also a member of the officer council that rules over the Kazakh Federation.

Commander in charge of the Kazakh Secret Police, this man is ruthless and cold-blooded, and has no qualms about using even children in order to accomplish his objectives[2].



Having received the location of the Rebel Army's hideout by unknown means, the Commander leads an ambush intent on crushing them. During the assault, the police force makes use of heavy weaponry to take on the inferiorly armed rebels, including a tank and a stealth helicopter. However, their advances are hampered by the actions of Striders Kain and Sheena, who make quick work of his troops and weaponry.

The Commander then makes use of a small girl in order to capture Kain. She feigns being injured, and as Kain approaches to check on her she opens fire on him. Kain falls into the trap and is shot with a tranquilizer dart, falling unconscious. Discovering the Striders mark on Kain's wrist which confirms he's a Strider, the Commander orders his men to take him to headquarters.

Before leaving, the girl asks him if he'd release her father (previously arrested by the Secret Police) as he promised in exchange for capturing Kain. The Commander, however, has no intention on fulfilling his end of the deal, and slaps her out of his way when she starts bothering him.

Strider (NES)Edit

The Commander of Kazakh's Secret Police is the one holding the Level 2 Key that leads to Kain's confinement room. Hiryu finds through the Vice-Commander that he left for Egypt through the Phantom Train. Why the Commander travels to Egypt is never revealed, but it was likely a meeting with someone (possibly Matic) to discuss about the captured Kain.

Hiryu travels to Egypt and eventually finds the Commander. He first wonders why the Striders always "disturb them", but he's soon giving the Level 2 Key and begging for his life.



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