Commander Keith
Japanese: キース隊長
Kīsu Taichō
Debut: Manga: Chapter 3
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Nationality: American
Affiliation: Special Forces
Weapon: Combat Knife

Commander Keith (キース隊長), also known as Captain Keith, is a minor character from the Strider Hiryu manga. He has a very brief stint as an antagonist in Chapter 3. He's absent in the NES adaptation, though the NES boss Kodiak serves mostly the same role. Keith is a very simple character used mainly to show off Hiryu's strength.

Keith is the commander of a Special Forces unit hired to protect the Kazakh Federation Mental Institute. His unit is a professional team skilled in hand-to-hand and close-quarter combat, and Keith himself is a big muscle man who enjoys a good fight, which is reflected on his heavily scarred face and body. He always looks forward to face strong enemies like the Striders[1]. Even then, he's nowhere near Hiryu in terms of skill.




Commander Keith (Manga)

Keith and his Special Forces team were hired to protect the Kazakh Institute, mainly due to their expertise on close-quarter combat, since the institute has many high-precision machines that make using firearms a potential risk[2]. Keith waited impatiently within the complex for his enemies to show up. Rather confident in his abilities, he was excited about the prospect of facing a Strider in battle.

During Hiryu and Kain's infiltration on the building, Keith waits for them as they fight his troops. He greets both of them with a mocking smile and boasts he's in a whole different class from his men, but before he could react, Hiryu dashes across the room and pierces him through the chest with his Cypher, killing him instantly.



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