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The Commando Troop (コマンド兵)[1] is a set of stage enemies from Strider 2, featured in the PlayStation-exclusive "Mission 00", El Dorado.

A military-trained unit serving the Light Sword Cypher organization, the Commando Troops are highly efficient soldiers with knowledge in a variety of weapons and skills, including rock-climbing and rappel. They wield camo-patterned uniforms, bandannas and present war paint on their faces and bodies.

These troops were sent as a survey team to South America[2] in order to find the location of the ancient ruins of El Dorado, where Grandmaster Meio's resting place is located. Investigating the area, Hiryu discovers their presence and engages them in a fight to reach the temple ruins first[2]. Hiryu later learns his former friend Hien was at the head of this expedition.


Basic Troop[]

Appears in Stage 00 (El Dorado), Scene 1.

The basic Commando Troop unit encountered by Hiryu. These soldiers wear green camo uniforms with brown stripes and are found rappeling down from the top of the cliff, after which they hang in place. When approached, the soldiers produce a handgun and start shooting at Hiryu's direction. Their attack is slow and easy to deal with, however.

There's a second version of this enemy that can be found climbing the side of the rock cliff. These troops attack from long distance by throwing grenades at Hiryu's position from the safety of their location. This enemy can't be normally killed as he's outside the range of Hiryu's Cypher. The only way to take him out is by using the plasma waves from Boost, although its best to just ignore him and move forward.

Flamethrower-wielding Troop[]

Appears in Stage 00 (El Dorado), Scene 1.

This unique variation of the Commando Troop appears in two different areas of the scene. This unit is larger and more muscular than the others and uses red camo pants with yellow stripes and a solid red bandanna. As the name indicates, they wield a flamethrower with a big fuel backpack as their weapon of choice.

When approached this enemy starts waving his flamethrower in front of him, creating a blast of fire which blocks Hiryu's path. After a short burst, however, he stops for a moment before resuming the attack, granting Hiryu an opening to dispose him.


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