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This article describes scrapped enemy concepts related to the Commando Troop enemy set from Strider 2. Unless otherwise noted, all these enemies were intended to appear in the "ruins stage", El Dorado.[1]

Early Commando Troop[]

The early Commando Troop during the teaser video

Concept art for the basic Commando Troop shows a third, unused variant to go along with the rappel and grenadier types. This type of Commando Troop would walk across the area and attack Hiryu using a handgun and a combat knife.

This enemy can be very briefly spotted during the in-development trailer featured in the Capcom Friendly Club Video vol. 10, being killed by Hiryu.

Commando Troop 2[]

Early Commando Troops

A second variant for the large, flamethrower-wielding type also exists in concept art, titled Commando Troop 2. This variant is seen carrying a four-pod missile launcher over his shoulder and a machinegun instead. It is unknown how exactly it'd have behaved against Hiryu.

Since there's apparently no concept art of the flamethrower-wielding variant, it is also likely this was simply an earlier concept idea for the flamethrower troop rather than a different variant.


Concept art for the Infantry enemy

Infantry (一般兵) is a scrapped variant of Commando Troop. This enemy differs notably in appearance from the others, wearing an uniform closer in appearance to a park ranger, complete with cowboy hat and a small scarf. He wielded an Assault Rifle with bayonet as his primary weapon, possibly similarly to the Fortress Guards.

Its behavior and attack methods are unknown.

Jungle Troop[]

Concept art

The Jungle Troop (ジャングル兵) is an unique enemy type designed by Masanori Kondo and part of the "Kondo Troops", a term the staff used to refer to a number of enemies he created that were rejected because their outlandish designs didn't mesh well with the game's world view[2]. The Jungle Troop appears as a soldier wearing a full-body crocodile uniform and wielding a rudimentary spear as his weapon.

According to its description, the Jungle Troop would patiently wait for Hiryu in the swamp waters, pretending to be a napping crocodile, and spring into attack when he came close enough[2]. It is unknown if this enemy was actually intended for El Dorado specifically, but if so he'd probably have appeared during the 2nd scene's swamp area.


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