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Desert Soldiers (official name unknown) are a set of stage enemies from the exclusive extra stage added to the PC Engine port of Strider, Oil Fields.



Basic enemy soldiers from the Kazakh Federation's own army. These soldiers wear brown camo fatigues, a desert cap and a mask, and wield rifles. They can be found all throughout the desert area, where they have set up camp.

They are simple enemies, acting similarly to the Russian Infantryman. They run around and occasionally stop to shoot at Hiryu. Their sprite is an edit of the Balrog Marine Corps' sprite, thought they lack the marines' grenade launcher attack.

Bazooka Soldier[]

A different type of enemy soldier, the Bazooka Soldier wears an olive suit, red pants and a round pilot helmet. He's found in a crouching position, bazooka hold at shoulder-length and ready to fire. This soldier is only found once during the beginning of the stage.

As soon as Hiryu approaches this soldier, he'll shoot the bazooka at him. It is, however, quite easy to strike him with the Cypher before he can shoot, killing him instantly.

Desert Commander[]

Pce commander sprite.png

The Desert Commander (official name unknown) appears mid-way through the stage, but before he can do anything he's replaced by the true stage mid-boss, the Giant Antlion.

The commander in charge of the soldiers stationed in the desert, he wears a brown officer uniform and a cap. He appears in the middle of Hiryu's path intending on fighting him. After threatening to kill him, the commander starts spinning in place, burrowing into the sand below him. Then, suddenly, a giant antlion comes out of the sand and either kills or devours him, using the sand pit created to fight Hiryu.