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A Doberman in the manga

Doberman (ドーベルマン) is a minor stage enemy that appears in the NES version of Strider. They're also briefly seen in the original manga, as one of several minor obstacles in Chapter 3.

The dobermans are used as a group of attack dogs that serve as one of the many defenses in the Kazakh Federation Mental Institute, secret location of a ZAIN Laboratory. These dogs have been tampered with the ZAIN Project in order to make them even more aggressive "killer dogs"[1]. When Hiryu and Kain infiltrate the institute, they are instantly attacked by them, but both Striders dispatch them with little effort. They, however, lament having been forced to kill the dogs, as they were just victims of the ZAIN Project.[2]


Appears in the Red Dragon.

A number of attack dogs that appear in Matic's Red Dragon base, they are the only living beings on the station besides the Scientists and the Strider Matic Unit.

Dobermans appear in the corridors at the start of the stage, up to and including the one above the entrance to the final area. It is a very simple enemy, only running back and forth and damaging Hiryu by direct contact. It is initially found sleeping on the ground, and becomes active as soon as it is approached. While sometimes several are spawn in quick succession, only one doberman can appear on screen at a time.


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