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The Down Strike (ダウンストライク), also spelled Downstrike in some sources[1], is one of Hiryu's abilites introduced in the 2014 Strider.


Down Strike in action

The Down Strike is a Cypher-based attack Hiryu gains following his battle against the first Heavy Trooper inside Kazakh City's Palace. It consists of a powerful downward thrust which releases a large shockwave of plasma around him on impact.[2]

Perfomed by pressing the secondary attack button while in midair, Hiryu concentrates plasma energy on the tip of the Cypher and then drops down at high speed, planting his sword on the ground and releasing a powerful circular shockwave around him which destroys any enemy in its range[2]. The Down Strike is primarily used to break specific floor grates, recognized by their black color and blinking red lights, in order to progress. The Down Strike can break through several floors if they are lined up[2], as well as destroy or damage any enemy in close proximity.



  • Hiryu's pose during the move is very similar to how he appears in the main artwork of Strider 2, where he's thrusting his Cypher into the Emperor Dragon. Said artwork's artist, Harumaru, has noted the resemblance and believes it may have been intentional.[3]


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