Dr. J. Hogan
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Japanese: J.ホーガン博士
Jei Hōgan Hakase
Debut: Manga: Gaiden Chapter
Gender: Male
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Unknown
Nationality: Unknown

Dr. J. Hogan (J.ホーガン博士) is a minor character introduced in Strider Hiryu Gaiden.

Dr. J. Hogan is a renowed scientist and the worldwide authority in the matter of nuclear fusion[1]. Physically, Hogan is a frail old man with long beard, unkempt hair and a pair of big, round glasses.

During his stay in the Indonesian island of Bali, he was kidnapped by the terrorist group known as the Phantom Unit, and held hostage so the group could demand the release of one of their members in exchange of the doctor's life[1]. The Striders were then approached for a rescue operation, and Hiryu was assigned the mission.


Strider Hiryu GaidenEdit

The doctor first appears being "literally" held by Aaron, clutched in the giant man's hand. Aaron uses him in an unsuccesfull attempt to force Hiryu to surrender, by threatening to crush the doctor "like a tomato". As Hiryu wasn't yielding to his demands, Aaron finally gives up and releases the old man. Hiryu tells him to quickly get cover behind him as he keeps his eyes on the terrorist. Just then Hogan springs a surprise attack on Hiryu with a knife, who barely avoids it and gets his arm injured instead. "Hogan" then removes his face mask to reveal he was Aaron's older brother in disguise.

The older brother informs Hiryu the real Hogan is soundly asleep in the base's dungeon before resuming their fight. At the end, Kuramoto and Kain receive a notification that Hogan has been safely rescued by a gravely injured man[2], indicating Hiryu successfully completed the mission.


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