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A map of Eurasia, visible behind Hiryu

Eurasia (ユーラシア大陸, lit. Eurasian continent) is a major location referenced in the original Arcade Strider and the 2014 Strider.


For more information, see Eurasia and Eastern Europe on Wikipedia

Eurasia refers to the combined landmass consisting of both Europe and Asia. Eurasia is the largest continental area on Earth and contains two of the three most advanced regions, as well as having the largest concentration of resources, population and wealth. As a result of this, ruling over Eurasia means one can gain power and resources over a large part of the world.

It is established the Kazakh Federation has complete control over the entirety of Eurasia by the year of 2048, and its officer council governs over it as a regulated and oppressed society[1]. The region became the center of Grandmaster Meio's empire, with the Kazakh Federation's capital city, St. Petersburg, being known as the city with the closest ties to him.[2]

Eurasia should not be confused with another region known as Eastern Europe (東ヨーロッパ), which is where the Kazakh Federation is located[2]. This is a more vaguely defined section of the continent roughly covering an area between Western Europe and Asia. This area is under great turmoil and chaos due to the constant wars between the Kazakh forces and the rising rebel armies in their midst, a situation which Grandmaster Meio takes advantage to make his sudden appearance on the area[3][4]. It appears the Kazakh Federation gained full control of Eurasia only after Meio conquered the world.

Strider (CPS-1)[]

Hiryu's mission starts by infiltrating St. Petersburg in order to locate and exterminate Grandmaster Meio. Hiryu destroys the city's defenses and eliminates its officer council, attracting Meio's full attention. He places a reward for Hiryu's head and sends in assassins and bounty hunters to eliminate him, with Meio explicitly telling bounty hunter Solo that Hiryu will "never leave Eurasia alive". Pursued by these asssailants, Hiryu decides to escape the continent through Siberia, eventually fighting and defeating both Solo and the Kuniang M.A. Team, and discovering the approaching menace of the Flying Battleship Balrog.

Strider (2014)[]

The metropolis of Kazakh City, Meio's center of power, is located on the Eurasian continent. As before, the whole continent is governed by Meio's Army, with General Mikiel claiming to have it all under his control[5]. He also threatens Hiryu that he'll never leave the region alive[6], claiming that for as long as he's alive he'd have no chance of winning. Not phased, Hiryu simply replies that its time for him to die then.


  • The way Eurasia is used as a major political power is similar to George Orwell's novel 1984, where Eurasia is one of the three superstates featured in its setting.
  • European magazines covering the home computer ports of Strider mistakenly reported the name of the main villain as Lord Eurasia, somehow confusing the name of the region Meio references in a cutscene as his name.


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