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The Explosive Cypher (バーストサイファー, lit. Burst Cypher) is one of the four enhanced forms Hiryu can unlock in the 2014 Strider.


The Explosive Cypher in action

The second of four enhanced plasma forms Hiryu has access to, the Explosive Cypher is obtained after beating General Mikiel and his unique hover tank, Tornado. Hiryu creates this form by pouring all the heat emitted by plasma energy into the blade, which engulfs the whole Cypher's edge in flames[1]. When active, Hiryu's plasma output changes from crimson to bright yellow.

The Explosive Cypher increases the strength of the Cypher's attack, and every strike of the blade sets the enemy on fire[1]. Any enemy struck by the flames will receive continous damage for a while. This ability can be further improved by using the Charged Cypher skill, which can cause struck enemies to instantly explode into a fiery blast. This skill is also required to break the enhanced shields wielded by Molot Shield Troopers.

Besides the basic Cypher form, Hiryu can also unlock Explosive-enhanced forms for his Kunai and Plasma Catapult techniques.

Explosive Gate[]

An Explosive Gate (バーストゲート) is a type of door found throughout Kazakh City, which can only be opened with the Explosive Cypher. These doors are sealed through a mechanism powered by two small furnaces located on its frame. When the Explosive Cypher is used to turn these furnaces on, the door unlocks temporarily allowing Hiryu access.



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