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The Fallen Striders (敗れしストライダー達) are a group of minor characters in Strider (2014) who serve as backstory for the 11 alternate colored costumes the player can find and unlock during the course of the game. Finding them all also unlocks a Customization mode which lets the player change the colors of Hiryu's outfit.

Before Hiryu was given the mission to eliminate Grandmaster Meio, 11 other Striders were sent to Kazakh City to fulfill the same mission. Each one of them excelled in different skills and wielded special weapons, but none of them survived their assignment, finding their demise inside the metropolis at the hands of the Grandmaster's subordinates.

List of Fallen Striders[]

Fallen Striders
Name Information Found in
Strider hoen colors.png
Strider Hoen

Rank: A Class
Weapon: Cy-Spear
Killed by: Juroung

Location: Underground - Refuse Processing
Requirements: Magnetic Cypher
Found in the large room with the river of lava in its center, in the second room on the left wall, behind a Magnetic Door.
Strider hien colors.png
Strider Hien
Rank: Special-A Class
Weapon: Geometrical Cypher
Killed by: Grandmaster Meio
Location: Military Ring - Upper Military
Requirements: Magnetic Cypher
In the area with two Magnetic Doors face-to-face. Open the left one, drop down a long shaft and move right to a second Magnetic Door.
Strider rouga colors.png
Strider Rouga
Rank: A Class
Weapon: Cy-Dagger
Killed by: Professor Schlange
Location: Industry - Carbon Charging Area
Requirements: Option-A
Found in the room with pools of lava. First travel upwards to an area with two turrets and a narrow passage who requires the Slide Assault. At the other end is an Option-A interface, use it and a hook will raise with the icon out of a lava pool. Travel back and snatch it.
Strider ouga colors.png
Strider Ouga
Rank: Special-A Class
Weapon: Twin Cypher
Killed by: Solo

Location: Research Facility - Vertical Assembly Line
Requirements: Option-B
In the long descent where Hiryu must maneuver around lasers, take the left exit, then enter the Transport Tube which will lead straight to the icon.

Note that Option-B is not required to open the door, however completing the fight to earn Option-B will open the door.

Strider kuga colors.png
Strider Kuga
Rank: B Class
Weapon: Plasma Sword
Killed by: The Winds
Location: Kazakh City - Historical Zone
Requirements: Plasma Catapult
Left of the Eagle Perch in front of the statue of Meio there's a path going down. In the lowest part there's a narrow hall with three electrified floors/ceilings. Use the Catapult to go through them and reach the icon in the small room at the end.
Strider shouyo colors.png
Strider Shouyo
Rank: A Class
Weapon: Cy-Bow
Killed by: Xi Wang Mu
Location: Industry - Construction Zone
Requirements: Ultra-Cold Cypher/Catapult
At the left of the slanted platform there are a few PNUTs flying. Use the Ultra-Cold abilities to turn them into platforms and reach the icon standing in a nearby airship.

Alternatively, you can reach it by the top of the crane boom underneath the skiff. Catapult, double-jump, then catapult again to grab the underside of the skiff.

Strider koja colors.png
Strider Koja
Rank: A Class
Weapon: Cy-Fang
Killed by: The Gravitron's magnetic field
Location: Research Facility - Cloning Chamber
Requirements: None
In the room with the giant brain in the background there's a small opening in the ground Hiryu can climb down. Slide down the narrow path to the left into a room with the icon.
Strider jingei colors.png
Strider Jingei
Rank: A Class
Weapon: Cy-Blade
Killed by: One of General Mikiel's traps
Location: Military Headquarters - Motor Pool
Requirements: Ultra-Cold Cypher
In the backyard with the tank in the background, there's an Ultra-Cold Door high above the left wall. The icon is inside it.
Strider hiyou colors.png
Strider Hiyou
Rank: A Class
Weapon: Cy-Sickle
Killed by: Insect Troopers
Location: Processing - Underground Citizen Camp
Requirements: Plasma Catapult
In a small opening in the wall to the right of a Checkpoint Station, between two thorned surfaces.
Strider raiga colors.png
Strider Raiga
Rank: B Class
Weapon: Plasma Sword
Killed by: The Winds
Location: Kazakh City - Residential District
Requirements: Plasma Catapult
At the top of the high structure right where the Carbon Charging Area ends and the Residential District begins, there's a Plasma Ring. Use it to propel Hiryu toward the icon.
Strider shinden colors.png
Strider Shinden
Rank: B Class
Weapon: Plasma Sword
Killed by: General Mikiel's collection
Location: Kazakh Outskirts - Inspection Station C
Requirements: Ultra-Cold Cypher
In the room before the Checkpoint Station leading to the Detention Hall, drop below where there's a room locked with Ultra-Cold Doors at both sides, right in front of the Novo Gate holding a Health Upgrade.

Design Notes[]

Most of the color choices for this costumes were not random, but based off characters from franchises owned or related to Capcom.[1]

  • Hoen's scheme is based off the Elf character from the Capcom-licensed Dungeon and Dragons games.
  • Rouga's scheme is based off Hayato Kanzaki from Star Gladiator.
  • Ouga's scheme is based off Ibuki from Street Fighter.
  • Kuga's scheme is based off Kenji from Red Earth.
  • Shouyo's scheme is based off Guy from Final Fight.
  • Koja's scheme is based off the Sengoku Basara interpretation of the Japanese figure, Kotarō Fūma.
  • Jingei's scheme is based off Nathan "Rad" Spencer from Bionic Commando.
  • Hiyou's scheme is based off Lt. Linn Kurosawa from the Alien vs. Predator arcade game.
  • Raiga's scheme is based off Wolverine from Marvel Comics.
  • Shinden's scheme is based off Hiryu's classic look from the original Arcade game.

Colors based off Hien, Ibuki, Guy and Kenji were originally used as Hiryu's color alts in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.


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