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The Fighter aircraft (戦闘機) is a minor obstacle found in Strider 2.


Appears in Stage 04 (Flying Battleship Balrog), Scene 2.

There are several Fighter aircrafts stored within the Flying Battleship Balrog. These Fighters are high-speed vehicles with four large jet thrusters, which launch off the Balrog from special takeoff platforms located in the warship's tail section. The Balrog's Fighters are mostly white in color with some red highlights.

Hiryu runs into a single Fighter as he infiltrates the Balrog, found about to takeoff from its platform. As soon as Hiryu approaches it, the vehicle starts its engines and, after a brief cutscene, flies forward. The Fighter moves fast and apparently can't be destroyed, so the only option is to double jump above it as it passes by.

Encountering the Fighter is entirely optional, however, as one can choose to travel beneath the plaform it stands on, bypassing it entirely. Doing so will set Hiryu against a corridor filled with floating mines and several normal and laser Turrets instead.