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The Flower Girl (花売りの女の子) is a minor character exclusive of the Strider Hiryu manga. She appears during the first chapter.

This little girl of unknown name lives in Kazakh, in one of the war-struck areas of its metropolis, selling flowers on the streets in order to make a living. At some point in the past, her father was arrested by the Kazakh Secret Police[1]. Although the reasons for his arrest are never stated, it's likely he was in some way connected with the Rebel Army.



Flower Girl

During the ambush assault on the rebel hideout, the Secret Police saw their efforts thwarted by Striders Kain and Sheena. The flower girl is then approached by the police Commander, who makes a deal with her: she'd help them capture Kain in exchange of releasing her father from prison[1]. Having no choice, she accepts.

Kain saw the girl lying on the ground and assumed she got hit in the crossfire, unaware that she was playing death. Approaching to check on her health, he's caught by surprise when the girl shoots him with a tranquilizer dart. As Kain loses consciousness, the crying girl tells him the situation she's currently in, and Kain nods to indicate he understands just moments before passing out.

The Commander comes out shortly after and congratulates her. After ordering Kain to be transported, the flower girl approaches him asking about their deal, but the Commander denies everything, saying that what she did was only her regular duty as a citizen. When she insists, the Commander simply slaps her away and leaves the place. Left alone and crying, she is then found by Sheena, who discovers what happened with Kain from her.



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