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The Flying Battleship Balrog (空中戦艦バルログ) is the fourth stage in Strider 2, an updated rendition of the original stage with references to other stages mixed in, like Siberia's airship section. The stage's official full name is "Pursue the Flying Battleship Balrog" (空中戦艦追撃, lit. Chase the Flying Battleship).


The Balrog in mid-flight

An upgraded version of the original Balrog build by Light Sword Cypher, classified as a "super-dreadnought" class warship that rules Earth from the stratosphere[4]. The large warship is capable of flying by using the mysterious force generated by a Merrow, an aquatic mermaid-like creature trapped within the ship's Reactor Core[1]. Its crew consists of Infantry soldiers wielding Dual Linear Guns, an unit of enhanced Superhumans and the ship's captain, Admiral Wilhelm. There's also an entire division devoted to the development of weaponry and other machines, overseen by The Professor.

Provided with more advanced technology, as well as better weaponry and defense systems, this warship is boasted as the "greatest threat produced by mankind"[4], with enough power to instantly reduce an entire city into ashes[5]. It is, however, not the only one of its kind, with atleast three other models docked at the Third Moon's spaceport. These seemingly "mass-produced" variants are visually identical to the main Balrog, except their front is colored green instead of red.

Hiryu is able to track down the ship following his assault on the Antarctica Research Lab, in an intentional effort to force the unknown powers ruling the world to reveal themselves[6]. Reaching the warship mid-flight with his Glider, Hiryu maneuvers through its airship escort before infiltrating the warship itself. Eventually reaching and destroying the ship's core, this initiates the Balrog's self-destruction. He then makes his escape through the ship's port, reaching Wilhelm's Catapult escape ship just as it's about to leave. After a violent battle, Hiryu eliminates Wilhelm and uses his ship to reach the Third Moon.


Battleship Balrog Warning Airspace (戦艦バルログ警戒空域)
Known as "In the skies of Equator Malay Island" in the English script.

The airspace surrounding the Flying Battleship, which is accompanied by a squad of smaller "Flying Tortoise" airships. Hiryu reaches this area using his Glider, and advances by jumping from airship to airship, facing off against the Balrog's marine force along the way. Eventually, Hiryu faces off against the Squad Leader and, after taking care of him, uses his airship to reach the Balrog.

Battleship Balrog Tail's Exterior (戦艦バルログ尾部外殻)
Known as "Outside the tail of Flying Battleship Balrog" in the English script.

Against the strong winds of the ascending ship, Hiryu climbs his way through this upstart area. The exterior of the ship is well protected with turrets and floating mines, as well as marines using plasma rifles. Midway through the area, there's a takeoff platform: going beneath it has Hiryu face a corridor filled with turrets and laser emitters, while going through the platform itself leads to a Fighter aircraft about to fly away. Following ahead of this area, Hiryu eventually reaches the source of the floating mines: the Minelayer machine. After destroying it, he finds his way inside the ship.

Engine Room: Power Transformer Section (機関室 動力トランス部)
Known as "The gravity transformer of the engine room" in the English script.

A secluded chamber within the Balrog, this is the location of the Scarabee. The room is square-shaped, with two small square platforms in the upper area. The Scarabee moves along the edges of the room, attacking with several different electric attacks, while slow electric spheres move around the platforms' surfaces.

Development Dock (開発ドック)
Known as "The development dock area" in the English script.

A massive room with a large three-tiered scaffolding surrounding a large machine known as "Goliath", lying across the room's length. The Professor and his assistants develop weapons and machines in this area. As Hiryu traverse the scaffolding he's faced by enemy soldiers while the assistants attempt to stop him by forging metal walls. Hiryu dashes through the area, taking care of every enemy until he reaches the top floor. After clearing up a long chasm Hiryu reaches the Goliath's chest, equipped with a multi-emitting laser battery in the vein of the original Novo. After its destruction, there's a small corridor and a door leading to the Reactor Core.

Central Engine Room Reactor Core Section (中央動力室炉心部)
Known as "The central engine room" in the English script.

The ship's power source and means of flying. The chamber is circular and in constant movement, with the core hanging from the ceiling in its center. Two yellow platforms at either side are the only means to reach it. The core itself is a crystal with a female Merrow trapped inside, who upon seeing Hiryu pleads with him to kill her. The core can defend itself by shooting out electric pulses or releasing a giant beam of energy. Once it is destroyed, the whole ship starts to self-destruct.

Catapult Escape Ship (脱出艇カタパルト)
Known as "The satellite escape ship" in the English script.

Located in the ship's hull, it's a port holding several escape ships called "Catapults"[7], because they are propelled off the ship by special catapults. Outrunning the fire and explosions from the Balrog's destruction, Hiryu makes a run through this area, getting past a crumbling ship and taking out any enemy still in his path, before reaching the final escape ship. Here Hiryu and Admiral Wilhelm meet in battle, and once Hiryu defeats him, he takes control of the ship to reach Grandmaster Meio's orbital base, The Third Moon.

Stage Enemies[]

Enemies present in this stage include:

Hidden Items[]

A listing of locations for all known hidden Score Up items in this stage.



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