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Flying Mosqueman (フライング・モスクマン) is an enemy found in the original Strider and all its ports. It is a flying variation of the ground-based Mosqueman enemy. It later inspired the PNUT enemy from the 2014 Strider.

The Flying Mosqueman is a small flying robot, developed for the same task that its predecesor: the protection of the rooftops of the Mosques in Kazakh's capital city[1]. During their exile in Siberia, the Mosqueman Research Staff came to the conclusion that, in order to defend the steep slopes of the Mosques, a flying machine was much better suited than a ground walker[2]. They designed this model with a smaller and lighter build, and were able to make it fly by applying very light transparent allow wings to each side[2]. Weaponry was also removed from one model (the 300 PTS version in-game), and modified to carry Item Boxes instead. It's said the staff did this in revenge for having been sent to Siberia.[2]


Appears in Stage 1 (St. Petersburg), Stage 3 (Flying Battleship Balrog), Stage 4 (Amazon) and Stage 5 (The Third Moon). Also appears in the PC Engine-exclusive stage (Oil Fields).

A security robot that flies over the skies of the Imperial Capital on its duty of protecting the city skyline[1]. Its main body is a simplified form of the original Mosqueman's, with two small wings at each side to sustain flight and a single wheel installed below the body. There exist two types of Flying Mosqueman: attack type and Item Box carriers[3], the first type are capable of shooting at Hiryu while the second type carry Item Boxes around for him to pick up. Both types also attempt to strike Hiryu through contact by flying into him.

The Flying Mosqueman usually appears in groups of around 2 or 3, though a team of six ambushes Hiryu at the top of the Grand Mosque. They are mostly a nuisance, flying around trying to hit Hiryu, though in contrast they are easily destroyed by a single attack.


  • A Flying Mosqueman and Lago appear in a two-page splash artwork featuring several mecha and airplanes from Capcom's owned games, published in the Capcom Design Works artwork.



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