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The Frog (カエル) is a minor stage enemy from the first Strider and most of its ports. Its name likely comes from the shape of its front or "face", which when looked in profile is somewhat reminiscent of that of a frog's. This enemy is also simply called the Frog-Type Robot (カエル型ロボット).[1]

The English manual for the Mega Drive port appears to mention this enemy, at one point referencing the "Deadly Frog Robots"[2]. However, since there's no picture of the enemy accompanying the text, the name has been sometimes assumed to have been used in reference to the other similar two-legged robot enemy in the game, Mr. Elephant.


Appears in Stage 2 (Siberia), Stage 3 (Flying Battleship Balrog) and Stage 5 (The Third Moon)

A two-legged frog-type robot, one of several robots developed by one of the research staff under Grandmaster Meio's direct orders to form part of his personal army[3]. The Frog is found usually in groups, aproaching Hiryu and attacking by leaning forward and using its scissors-shaped head to attack[4]

Unlike the Elephant walker-style robot, the Frog walks normally but has no other weaponry outside of its scissors head, forcing it to approach its target in order to attack. Adding to this, the Frog can also be interrupted in the middle of its attack by a strike of the Cypher, making it a much easier enemy to deal with.

Design Notes[]

Both the Frog and Mr. Elephant robots appear to have been named after Japanese children's songs, the "Frog's Song" and "Elephant Song" respectively. This is similar to the inspiration behind Ouroboros, who was based off an old children's book.


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