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Game Music Best of the Year 1989 is a soundtrack compilation of video game themes from several companies, released in 1990. This soundtrack gathers selected video game music from the winners of Gamest's 1990 feature "Ah impressive!! Best Game Music" (嗚呼感動~!! ベストゲームミュージック)"[1]

It was released in both CD and cassette formats.


Games included in this soundtrack collection are:

Strider themes[]

The Strider track featured in the soundtrack includes 5 themes arranged in this order:

  • Credit~Defense Line (1 Stage Demo)~Raid! (1 Stage BGM1)
  • Siberian Tunnel (Boss -Kong-)~Driving Wheel (2 Stage BGM1)~Big Run (2 Stage BGM2)
  • Short Spin (3 Stage BGM1)~Unusual Gravity (3 Stage BGM2)
  • Hiryu (5 Stage BGM1)~Grandmaster Meio (Boss)
  • Sarani... (Ending)


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