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The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet (ガントレット) is a piece of equipment introduced in the 2014 Strider. This device is inspired in a similar gauntlet Hiryu is seen equipping in the original manga and sported in artwork for its NES adaptation, although it was never actually used in either version and its functions remain unknown.

The gauntlet is a device used by the Striders as part of their basic equipment. A mechanical gauntlet with a large red core, the device is a Plasma Capacitor capable of storing and using plasma energy[1]. Hiryu wears one equipped to his left arm.


The gauntlet can store a large amount of plasma and then eject it at once to perform a high-speed dash technique known as the Plasma Catapult, shooting Hiryu forward like a bullet[2]. When activated to perform the technique, the Gauntlet opens up to reveal a small red plasma sight called a "Target Beam" (ターゲットビーム)[1], which Hiryu uses to determine the straight path he'll follow during the catapult. The technique, however, empties the full charge of plasma in the Gauntlet, requiring it to refill after each use[2]. The gauntlet can, however, interact with Plasma Rings scattered across Kazakh City, allowing it to issue a second Plasma Catapult without needing to charge.[2]

The gauntlet also serves to transfer the plasma stored within Pickup Cradles to Hiryu, allowing him to obtain the plasma upgrade kept inside them.



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