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Geometrical Cypher's sketch art

The Geometrical Cypher (ジオメトリカル・サイファー)[1], alternatively known as the Range Cypher, is the weapon of choice of Strider Hien, introduced in Strider 2.

The Geometrical Cypher is a special variation of the common Cypher, a set of two Cypher blades capable of being combined into a single weapon. They are similar to a normal Cypher, but lack their standard tonfa-shaped hilt, instead replaced by a mechanism that allows them to be joined together in different forms. They have a small grip stowed away at the base of the blade, which is pulled out to hold the weapon.

Its only known wielder is the former Strider and Grandmaster Meio's right-hand man, Hien.


The Geometrical Cypher is a weapon that can be adapted to any distance and strategy. The name "Geometrical Cypher" is said to come from the weapon's ability to be joined in different and varied shapes. Three distinctive forms are known to exist:

Twin Tigers[]

Hien cypher form1.png
Hien two-sword.png

Form 1: "Twin Tigers" (一の型「双虎」) is the basic form of the weapon, the two Cyphers are held separately and used as normal swords[1]. The Cyphers are often used as twin swords and swung individually, and they are as deadly and sharp as a normal Cypher and produce the same arc of plasma. They can also be used together for advanced techniques that use its plasma output, such as clashing the edges to generate a trail of plasma or crossing them to shoot a large plasma beam forward.

This form is the most flexible of the three, as it has techniques to attack at close, mid and long range.

Dragon Claw[]

Hien cypher form2.png
Hien Cypher Guard.png

Form 2: "Dragon Claw" (二の型「龍爪」) is a form geared towards defense. The Cyphers are joined in a straight line, with each Cypher pointing at opposite directions[1]. The main technique seen with this stance is Hien's defense move, where he spins the Geometrical Cypher around and creates an effective shield which protects him from any attack.

The weapon is also mounted in this form when not in use, connected to a small opening in the back of Hien's loose-fitting belt. If Hien finds himself in a situation where he has only one free hand, such as while climbing a surface, he can quickly pick up the Cypher in this form to attack as normal, producing the same arc of plasma their separate form does.


Hien cypher form3.png
Hien cypher throw.png

Form 3: "Phoenix" (三の型「炎鳳」) is the most characteristic form of this weapon, a throwing form used for long distance attacks. Both Cyphers are joined in a boomerang or "v"-shape, with each Cypher pointing at the same direction[1]. Once thrown, the Cypher will home in on the closest enemy, fly away and then return to its wielder, slashing anything in its way.

The form's only drawback is that, until the geometrical Cypher returns, the user is left defenseless and vulnerable to attacks. In a way, this form may be seen as an update of the Cypher's "throwing mode" as seen in the manga.


This is a list of the techniques performed using the Geometrical Cypher in its three forms.

Hien two-sword strike.png Twin Style Cypher (サイファー二刀流)
A melee range technique and the most basic use of the Geometrical Cypher's "Twin Tigers" form. In this stance, Hien wields each Cypher separately and uses them to attack with consecutive attacks, specifically an inward horizontal slash with one hand followed by an outward angled slash with the other hand.
Hien single strike.png One-handed Strike
Used while hanging from the ceiling, Hien performs a quick slash with his Cypher directly in front of him. As he has only one free hand in this situation, Hien uses the Geometrical Cypher in its 2nd form, Dragon Claw, to perform the attack.
Hien Cypher Dash.png High-Speed Slash (高速移動斬り)
A close-to-medium range strike performed from a low stance[2]. Hien rushes forward very quickly with both Cyphers on hand, and in the middle of the dash clashes them together, releasing a trail of plasma behind him. Both the strike and the plasma trail are dangerous.
Hien cypher beam.png Laser (レーザー)
A long-range attack performed from a high stance[2]. Hien crouches down while rising both Cyphers above his head as he charges up, then quickly rises up and crosses both blades in front of him, releasing a large beam of purple plasma forward. The beam flies straight at its target, but can't go through the Beraenavis' body. Hien can also perform this move repeatedly if Hiryu remains at a far enough distance.
Hien Cypher Throw.png Cypher Boomerang (サイファーブーメラン)
The primary and best-known technique using the Geometrical Cyphers. Performed from a side stance[2], Hien crouches down slightly and, by stretching himself forward, throws the Geometrical Cypher with force. The spinning Cypher flies against the target and off screen, then returns back to Hien. He can throw the Cyphers up to two times in quick succession.


  • The names of the Geometrical Cypher's three Forms follow three of the four animal deities from Chinese mythology: the White Tiger, Azure Dragon and Vermillion Bird, respectively. This could imply the existence of a 4th form named after the missing god, the Black Turtle.


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