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The Giant Antlion (巨大なアリジゴク)[1] is the mid-boss in the exclusive extra stage added to the PC Engine port of Strider, Oil Fields.


A mysterious being resembling an antlion larva, the Antlion appears right after Hiryu is stopped by the Desert Commander. The commander claims he'll kill Hiryu and proceeds to spin quickly in place, eventually burrowing into the sand. Just then, the Antlion emerges and (apparently) kills the commander, ready to battle Hiryu from the sand trap that has been created.

The Giant Antlion remains inside the sand trap during most of the battle, throwing a projectile upwards which splits into several smaller fireballs that rain down all around Hiryu. After a few attacks the antlion will quickly jump out of the sand pit, becoming vulnerable for a brief moment. Hiryu has to stay atop the sand trap, avoiding falling into the quicksand and attacking whenever the Antlion jumps upwards.


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