Giant Robot (name given in Tiger Electronics' Strider manual[1]) is a minor stage enemy exclusive of the NES version Strider. The enemy was also called the Power-Loader by Nintendo Power.[2]

Information[edit | edit source]

Appears in Kazakh (as a normal enemy) and China (as a mini-boss).

The Giant Robot is a large mechanized suit used by the Kazakh Secret Police against Hiryu. It is a bipedal machine with hydraulic-based movement and two powerful vice-grips in its "arms" used to strike at enemies up-close. It has no build-in weaponry of any kind, as it wasn't build for combat but as a type of heavy-lifter work suit. Despite its heavy appearance, the robot is capable of leaping from one side of the room to another with ease. Though in contrast, it moves and walks much more slowly.

The Giant Robot attacks by slowly approaching Hiryu, occasionally flailing its mechanical arms in front of it, and leaping to the other side of the screen if Hiryu's far enough. Its attack is both short range and easily avoided by ducking. Not a very difficult enemy, it can easily be destroyed by striking its upper-body or cockpit area (its only weak spot) between its attack animations.

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References[edit | edit source]

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