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Goliath (ゴリアテ, named after the Biblical figure) is a boss character from Strider 2, appearing as the mid-boss of Scene 4 in the fourth stage.


Goliath is a massive robot located in the Flying Battleship Balrog's Development Dock, engineered by The Professor and his assistants. It is a huge humanoid robot encased in green external armor, a large circular chest piece jutting forward with four laser emitters and a conical head with a red eye-like logo, similar to the one sported by Novo. The robot is found lying on its back across the entire length of the room (one of its fists is visible in the background at the beginning of the area) and is surrounded by a three-tiered scaffolding. It appears Goliath was still under development, being apparently non-functional outside of its chest emitters.

Hiryu faces Goliath during his infiltration of the Balrog. After making his way throughout the Development Dock, Hiryu lands in the robot's chest. The Professor remotely activates the laser emitters in an attempt to kill him, but Hiryu effortlessy destroys the emitters and then finishes the Professor off.

In battle, Goliath functions as an upgrade of the original Novo. It has four emitters spread across its chest, which release a thin laser beam forward. These lasers reflect off the ceiling and ground, changing directions across the area. Though Goliath itself doesn't move at all nor has any other means of attack, it is protected by members of the stealthy Assassin Unit, who spawn for as long as Goliath remains operational.