The Hassou Jump (八双跳び, lit. Eight-sided Jump); originally translated Thrust Jump[1], is one of Hiryu's new skills introduced in Strider 2. The technique is named after one of the five stances in Kendo: Hassō-no-kamae, named for its emphasis on situational awareness and ability to respond in any of the eight directions.


Str2 hassou

Hiryu performs the Hassou Jump

The Hassou Jump is a fast air dash Hiryu can do off a wall he is climbing, performed by holding the direction opposite the wall and the jump button. Once done, Hiryu performs a high-speed dash off the wall in the direction held, stopping in mid-air. This is a non-offensive maneuver best used to quickly move across walls that are next to each other. It can also serve to set-up the Savage Slash if necessary.

This is a skill also used by Hien in both boss and playable form. In boss battles, he usually performs it to move away from Hiryu when cornered into a wall. Admiral Wilhelm also has a similar Air Dash technique, which he uses to switch between the sides of the ship he and Hiryu are fighting on.

Other appearances and similar techniquesEdit

  • Hiryu has a similar technique in the Marvel vs. Capcom series known as the Wall Exchange performed from his climbing stance, where he dashes from one edge of the screen to the other. This may have been the inspiration for the Hassou Jump, although Hiryu's sprite during the move resembles another of Hiryu's techniques, the air-dashing multi-strike Excalibur.
  • The Hassou Jump is used as part of Hiryu's neutral attack in Project X Zone 2, as a set-up to perform the Savage Slash.
  • Although not given any actual name, Hiryu's off-the-wall jumping from a climbing stance in the 2014 Strider closely resembles the Hassou Jump, including its upwards-angled trajectory.
  • Hiryu's new move from Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, Raikiri Slash, starts with an off-the-wall dash similar to the Hassou Jump, albeit completely straight instead of angled.
  • Zeku from Street Fighter V has the same move as part of his young version's movelist under its Japanese name Hassou Tobi, performing a dash off the wall pretty much like Hiryu does. The move has a slightly different name in Kanji (八艘跳び, lit. Eight Boats Jump), a reference to a legendary account about Minamoto no Yoshitsune, claimed to have jumped over eight boats to avoid Taira no Noritsune during the battle of Dan-no-ura.



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