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Ice Gear (アイスギア)[1] is a minor stage enemy from Strider 2.


Appears in Stage 3 (Antarctica Research Lab), Scenes 2 and 4.

The Ice Gear is a small defense machine found throughout the Antarctica Research Lab, both outside and inside the complex. This machine is a small, round robot with rotating blades on its edge and a small, green light in front. The enemy moves around very slowly, attacking Hiryu by shooting small blue electric orbs whenever he comes near it. It can also hurt Hiryu by direct contact.

The enemy is mostly an obstacle, usually standing in places which makes it difficult to destroy without being hit by either the Ice Gear or other nearby enemies. As it's not killed in one strike either, it becomes a notable nuisance when attempting to avoid damage.

Ice Looper[]

Appears in Stage 3 (Antarctica Research Lab), Scene 4.

The Ice Looper (アイスルーパー)[1] is a similar defense machine found together with the Ice Gears. This enemy is a square-shaped machine with four long pike-like "spider legs" and a set of green lights in its front, similar to the one in the Ice Gear. The Ice Looper moves slowly, moving in the ceiling with its spider legs, and once Hiryu is in proximity attacks by shooting a long, electric beam at his direction.

This enemy is similar to the Ice Gear, taking the same amount of hits to defeat, but its attack lasts longer on-screen, complimenting the Ice Gear's smaller and faster shots.


Appears in Stage 3 (Antarctica Research Lab), Scene 4.

The Ventilator (換気装置) is an obstacle found at the end of the large ventilation shaft outside the research station. A regular four-bladed brown ventilator, it doesn't really represent any danger and merely stands in Hiryu's way. Its only way of defense is four Ice Gears standing in front of it, but they can be easily destroyed.

Despite being a simple obstacle with no notable quirks, the Ventilator features a health bar just like any other boss battle in the game.


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