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The Impact Cannon (インパクトカノン)[1] is the primary weapon used by Solo in Strider 2.


Impact Cannon at full power

The Impact Cannon is a cutting edge plasma cannon wielded by bounty hunter Solo as his main weapon. Shaped like a long spear with a sharp outline and a jagged edge in its front, the Impact Cannon is an eficient and easy to handle weapon[1], being both compact and seemingly lightweight, allowing Solo to hold and swing it around effortlessly. The weapon is made of an unknown metal which can change its size when fully powered-up. Solo wields it in his right hand, opposite to his Missile Pod.

By charging up a large amount of plasma in its tip, the Impact Cannon can shoot focused blasts of blue plasma forward, although while powerful they can't be freely aimed at any other direction but forward. The weapon can also shoot a much faster three-way spread shot in the same direction.

When Solo first confronts Hiryu, he makes no use of his weapons and armor's full capabilities, with the Impact Cannon appearing in a smaller form whose only attack method is the three-way spread shot. When Solo powers up his armor, the Impact Cannon reacts and expands to its true size and power as well.

A smaller, handheld version of the Impact Cannon is also the primary weapon of the Solo Mass Produced Model, although this model only features the spread shot attack.

Other appearances[]

  • The Impact Cannon is Solo's weapon in Project X Zone 2. Although mentioned in his Crosspedia entry, since Solo lacks any unique attack animations he's never seen using it during the game.



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