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Insect Trooper's intro card

The Insect Trooper (インセクトトルーパー) is a minor stage enemy from the 2014 Strider.

Insect Troopers are dangerous creatures lurking beneath Kazakh City's surface, in its polluted Underground areas. These "troopers" are actually the carcass of a destroyed Light Trooper reanimated by a multi-species colony of parasitic insects which have mutated in the Underground[1]. From within this "infected symbiotic carcass", they lurk the Underground World in search of a new host to parasite[1]. When they spot a prey, they quickly lunge at them with their limbs outstretched in an attempt to capture and feed on them[1]. They can also produce toxic acid from their bodies to paralize preys from a distance.

The Insect Troopers have a symbiotic relationship with Insect PNUTs, which are similarly reanimated PNUT carcasses. If the Insect PNUT finds a defeated Insect Trooper it can reanimate it by injecting part of its own insect colony inside it.[1][2]


Insect Trooper

The Insect Troopers are faced in the Black Market, Research Facility and Underground areas. Hiryu's first encounter with them is after he's slayed the giant Millipede at the Black Marketer's request. Right afterwards, the Refugee Camp's alarm goes off as a group of Insect Troopers break into the populated section of the Black Market. Hiryu, with some remote help from the Black Marketer, confronts the shambling troopers and eliminates them all. Hiryu also comes across Insect Troopers while inside the Research Facility's Test Lab gauntlet, which are assumedly kept there as objects of study.

The Insect Troopers move slowly toward Hiryu, spitting acid periodically at him. When they come close enough, they attempt to tackle Hiryu into the ground and attack him. They are more resistant than basic Light Troopers, but are otherwise easy to kill. If any Insect PNUT is close, however, they will approach and ressurect any fallen trooper in the area.


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