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Japan (Japanese: 日本) is one of the stages found in the NES Strider. It is the fourth stage to be unlocked, after reproducing Disk #3. It's a very short level, though it contains the means to unlock the Plasma Arrow ability. The stage is loosely inspired in Kuramoto's Japanese-themed chamber from the fourth chapter of the manga.


Looking for clues about the mysterious ZAIN Project after rescuing Kain, Hiryu follows the latter's advice and transports himself to Japan to visit Chief Kuramoto in his residence. The house is of simple construction and, being of an ally, contains almost no enemy obstacles. On his time there, Hiryu discovers that Matic has placed vigilance over Kuramoto's home, and engage against the one he appointed, Dragon Fiend. He also hears the truth about the ZAIN Project from Kuramoto.


Unlike other stages, Japan is a very small and contained area, with few rooms divided by doors or Transport Tubes. From the starting point, there's a short exterior area (where Dragon Fiend stands guard) before reaching the residence's door. Inside there's a transport tube leading into a hall with two robot bats, which stand as the only hazard on the whole stage. To the left there's a small room with a Scientist, who unlocks the Plasma Arrow skill for Hiryu's Cypher.

Going through the right door leads to a transport tube into Kuramoto's chamber. There's a second transport tube behind him, but it leads into an empty upper section above the room, which leads back into Kuramoto's room.

Stage Enemies[]