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Strider Jingei (ストライダー迅鯨, meaning Swift Whale) is a minor character introduced in the 2014 Strider, as part of the "Fallen Striders" costume/alternate color set.

Jingei was an A-Rank agent in the Striders, an intelligence operative who specialized in sneaking missions. In battle, he handled a plasma-enhanced sword known as the Cy-blade (サイ・ブレイド).[1]

A very capable agent, Jingei was not only an expert in intelligence activities but also excelled at sword fighting. His mastery of sword techniques allowed him to draw out his Cy-blade and silently exterminate his target even while in the midst of a battle[1]. The B-Ranked Strider Shinden served as his subordinate, and as such accompanied him in several of his missions.[2]

Jingei wore a green chest armor and chaps over a red under armor, dark blue leggings, white leg wraps, light blue shoes and a red mask. He carried the first kanji of his name, "jin" (, swift), as his personal emblem.


Strider (2014)[]

Jingei was one of the 11 agents who infiltrated Kazakh City previous to Hiryu, carrying the mission to assassinate Grandmaster Meio. Jingei and Shinden infiltrated the metropolis together, and made their way into the Military Area. While attempting to infiltrate the Military Command Center, however, Jingei was caught by one of General Mikiel's traps and killed on the spot.[1]

Design Notes[]

Jingei's costume color scheme (green/red/dark blue) appears to be based off the color scheme of Nathan "Rad" Spencer in his remake design from Bionic Commando.


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