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Kazakh City
Kazakh city world map
Kazakh City: Meio 0048
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Location: Eurasia

Kazakh City (カザフシティ) is the main setting in the 2014 Strider.

Kazakh City, known as Kazakhgrad (Казахграду) in its native language[1], is a massive metropolis which combines ornate Russian architecture with hard-edged futuristic high-rise buildings. It serves as Grandmaster Meio's seat of power, from where he rules over the world. In the year of "Meio: 0048", Strider Hiryu is given the mission to assassinate Meio, after 11 agents sent on the same mission never returned, and infiltrates the city alone.

An eclectic place influenced by its past just as much as the future Meio is attempting to craft, Kazakh City is a true representation of the madmen currently in charge of it.[2]



StrHD kazakhcity skyline

Kazakh City's skyline shows both old onion domed buildings and modern skyscrapers

While in general the term "Kazakh City" refers to the entire complex under Grandmaster Meio's rule, it is more often used to refer specifically to the residential areas which are the last remains of the original city of Kazakh[3]. After Grandmaster Meio's sudden appearance, the scheming General Mikiel turned to his side and seized all government, police and military forces in Meio's name[4]. The metropolis has since remained under his control, while directly responding to Grandmaster Meio as he governs from his Throne Room atop Meio's Tower, a giant spyre in the center of the city which serves as a symbol of his absolute rule.[5]

Currently, Kazakh City exists in a distorted reality, in which buildings built at different points in history, both old and new, mixes together erratically[3]. Over the course of Meio's rule the city has been expanded to include several other compounds serving as the staging centers for Meio's military power and experimental research.


NewStrider mikiel n solo

General Mikiel governs over all aspects of the city

Kazakh City suffers from the oppressive rule of Meio's Army, its citizens living in constant fear under martial law. General Mikiel governs over all aspects of the city, constantly broadcasting commands throughout the metropolis to remind citizens of their duties and obligations, as well as the consecuences of breaking the law.

Kazakh City Citizens are all assigned specific duties within the empire[6], which they must perform efficiently[7]. A strict curfew is in effect, with curfew times announced only 20 minutes prior [8], forcing people to rush back to their homes since anyone found "loftering" after curfew is to be detained on the spot[9]. Mikiel demands total obedience and efficiency from the citizenship, and punish even the smallest of offenses such as disrupting transport efficiency, which leads to the lose of transit permits[10], practically a death penalty given the above. Any sort of disobedience to his authority (and, by extension, the Grandmaster's) or tampering with government technology are considered serious crimes[11], subjected to public punishment and incarceration[12]. Mikiel considers even the smallest acts of disobedience the cause of "social decay", and thus he's merciless in crushing any budding revolution within his city.

StrHD city poster 01

One of the Ministry of Propaganda's posters

Other departments under Mikiel's management include the Department of Transport (a.k.a. Transit Authority), which he himself claims has become a worldwide model of transport efficiency[13] thanks to the very strict rules in place[10]; and the Ministry of Propaganda, which promotes the image of Grandmaster Meio and his soldiers through the use of pamphlets and posters plastered across the city.

Civilian LifestyleEdit

Every citizen, even those not suspected of being rebels, are under constant surveillance by the army[14]. Citizens themselves are also encouraged to observe and report their neighbours for any suspicious activity that breaks routine[15], with rewards offered for those who report dissent among them, such as an additional food lottery[16]. Martial law is almost constantly in effect in the Historical District[17], which forces all residents to be confined to their homes since Troopers are allowed to shoot any non-military personnel on sight.[18]

The citizens living in the wealthier Residential Zone have a much more comfortable lifestyle and have deluded themselves in believing this, but in the end they are still living under Grandmaster Meio's tyrannical rule[19] and remain under surveilance even if they are not suspected of being rebels.[14]

As expected from such a repressive system, citizens attempting to escape the metropolis and its dystopian rule is a recurring problem. These dissenters are often hunted down and either killed or captured to become guinea pigs in the Research Facility[14], though a few sometimes manage to escape and disappear into the nether regions of the city, where a imporvised Refugee Camp exists. A Resistance is known to exist as well, but they have for the most part avoided capture and remain in hiding.

Law EnforcementEdit

Kazakh City Guards

Light Troopers, the city's main police force

As stated above, General Mikiel also controls both the military and police force in Kazakh City. Almost the entirety of the force deployed to the city is formed by "Light Troopers", mass-produced androids outfitted with autonomous AIs. These troopers stand at the front lines within the city and enforces Meio's rule[20]. Their constant presence justified as being for the people's "security"[21]; citizens are ordered to obey any uniformed personnel at any moment[22]. The city is also under constant vigilance by the mass-produced PNUT unit: these unmanned aerial scout robots can be seen flying everywhere and are equipped for monitoring, defense and even crowd-suppression if necessary.[23]

The military branch of Mikiel's rule is centered in the Military Ring, which encloses a military fortress, prison, production plant and headquarters[24], and is claimed to be the strongest military in the whole of Eurasia. Their troop force is exclusively conformed by enhanced and mass-produced "Military Trooper" androids under Mikiel's control. The military engineers its own vehicle models within the Military Ring's Hangar Bay Zone, which includes the mass-produced Sovkhoz model tanks and Skiff aircrafts, as well as the powerhouse vehicles which symbolize their military might, the Flying Battleship Balrog and the MechTank Tornado.

Currently, the military appears to be engaged in a conflict outside Kazakh City's borders, as several Sovkhoz tanks can be seen marching out through the city outskirts.


Kazakh City has the most advanced cutting-edge technology at their disposal, though these commodities can only be enjoyed by those who live in the Residential District[19]. The complex has its own technological center in the Research Facility, which is mostly devoted to supplying Meio's Army with trooper units and weapons, as well as performing genetic experiments[25]. A large body of scientists, technicians and workers live in Kazakh City among the general populace and can be seen working in the Research Facility or performing tasks at several other locations in the complex.

With the development and creation of the Gravitron units, the whole metropolis is being powered by a clean and limitless power supply derived from Earth's gravity force[26]. Before this system was implemented, it's presumed the city was sustained by the energy generated from the Grand Dam located at the Industry section.


Kazakh City is divided into 10 sections which can be grouped together into 5 main areas known as "Districts":

StrHD kazakhcity logo
Kazakh City The civilian district. This district includes the city outskirts and the entirety of the actual city and its two main areas, the Historical and Residential Zones, as well as the smaller Industry area. Governed by General Mikiel in Meio's behalf.
StrHD military logo
Military Ring Built to serve as the base of operations used by Meio's Army and the center of its military might. The area encompass a military fortress, a prison facility, the Military Headquarters and a manufacturing plant. Headed by General Mikiel.
StrHD underground logo
Underground A massive, cavernous area beneath the city that houses the sewage system and a large garbage processing and treatment plant. Even deeper within this world infested with mutated critters lays the Black Market and the Refugee Camp where those who escaped Meio's tyrannical rule currently live, and even further below stands the mysterious "Buried Temple", an ancient structure of unknown origin which houses the city's Gravitron unit. The area is ruled over by Grandmaster Meio's subordinate Juroung.[27]
StrHD research logo
Research Facility A huge complex that houses the technological advances of Meio's Army. Conformed of several research and manufacturing areas which mass-produce both Light and Heavy Troopers for the army, engineers traditional and bio-organic weapons and continues Grandmaster Meio's genetics research and cloning process to produce his "perfect race". Directed by Professor Schlange in Meio's behalf.
StrHD meio logo
Meio's Tower A large structure that stretches far into the skies, said to house Meio's residence on its top. It's entrance is shut by a mechanism connected to the three Gravitron units, and it can only be open by disabling or destroying them. The Airship Balrog is also considered part of this district.



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