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The Kazakh City Citizens (カザフシティの市民たち) are a minor group of characters introduced in the 2014 Strider.

The citizens of Kazakh City are the original inhabitants of the city before Grandmaster Meio's arrival or possibly their descendants, and now live under his tyrannical rule and General Mikiel's oppressive regime. The citizens' lives are controlled entirely by the government: they are assigned specific duties by the Empire they must perform[1], endure strict curfew times[2] and transportation rules[3], constant army surveilance[4], and live off government-issued "food lotteries"[5]. Though several citizens have attempted to escape from this oppression[4], the large majority of the population simply continue living within the city, devoid of any hopes for the future.

During his mission to exterminate Grandmaster Meio, Hiryu runs across citizens a few times. Usually when one of the citizens sees him they will either cover in fear ro run away from the area.


One man (wearing blue) and two women at the Transit Station

All citizens within the city are forced to wear the same clothing style at all times. Men wear a long-sleeved winter coat over a plain shirt, wide trousers and black boots, completed with a hat with ear flaps or "Ushanka". Females wear a winter hooded dress over a longer plain dress and black boots, and are always seen with the hood over their heads. Both winter uniforms sport the Kazakh's half-star logo marked in their shoulders.

Citizens' uniforms all come in the same olive green color. Men wearing a dark blue coat over a red undershit are also seen around and inside the Transit Station, possibly indicating they are workers in the station.


Citizens in Kazakh City are divided into three distinct classes based on where they reside within the city.

  • The low and mid classes live in the Historical District, a section of the city known for its abundance of old historical buildings coming from the city's past[6]. Meio's Army controls the whole area and maintains constant surveilance of its inhabitants in order to root out rebels. As the area is often put under martial law as well[6], the people is also forced to remain inside their homes or risk being killed by patrolling Light Troopers[7]. Under these circunstances, citizens live under constant fear of the army.[6]
  • A few select citizens are allowed to live in the Residential District, in huge apartment complexes consisting of several small homes of two or three rooms. They live with the comfort and commodities of installations using the most advanced technology in the most refined and clean area of the civilian district[8]. Though they have deluded themselves into believing this, in reality they still live under Meio's regime and are watched over even if they are not suspected of being rebels.[4][8]
  • The last group is formed by the refugees who were able to escape Kazakh City with their lives, and have no place to go after but the Underground[4]. These citizens live in imporvished towns and refugee camps in the depths of the Processing Plant, and survive with the best of their abilities in such an hostile environment. As securing food supplies is extremelly difficult, they must endure constant hunger and the preying of the mutated creatures lurking in the area[9]. The Resistance was formed among them, and they call themselves the "true citizens" of Kazakh.[10]



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