Kazakh Institute Director
Japanese: カザフ研究所所長
Kazafu Kenkyūjo Shochō
Debut: Manga: Chapter 3
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Gray
Eye Color: Black
Nationality: Russian
Affiliation: Enterprise

The Kazakh Institute Director (カザフ研究所所長) is a minor character from the Strider Hiryu manga, serving as the main antagonist in its third chapter. While there exists several Scientists in the NES adaptation, they are unrelated to the director, as they are allies of Hiryu and provide him hints to progress in the game.

The director is the head researcher in the Kazakh Federation Mental Institute, a genuinely loyal man to Enterprise and its president, Faceas Clay. He's a typical evil scientist, obssessed with his research and with no moral fiber. For the past 30 years[1], he's been a main developer for Enterprise's ZAIN Project, carrying research on brain surgery and new brainwashing methods[2]. His most important creation is the ZAIN Terminal, a tree-shaped computer system that serves as support for the ZAIN host computer. He is extremelly attached to his creation, even going as far as treating and referring to it as his "child".[3][4]




Institute Director (Manga)

During an international call with president Faceas Clay, the director informs him of the current research on the new ZAIN Terminal implants. While he explains that the new "bullet" design removes their need of implanting them surgically, he mentions that the brainwashing has yet to be perfected, with the implant causing hallucinations into the test subjects, eventually leading into a perpetual loss of sanity. Shortly after ending the conversation, the institute is infiltrated by Hiryu and Kain.

The director has prepared for this by hiring a Special Forces unit led by Commander Keith, but they prove to be no match to an angered Hiryu and are quickly eliminated. The director is then confronted in the control room where the ZAIN Terminal is located. Cornered, he shows confusion and unknowingly asks them why the Striders are opposing him if they stand as allies, making Hiryu realize that Matic is part of the conspiration. Ignoring this sudden revelation, Hiryu simply moves past the man and uncovers the ZAIN Terminal behind a concrete wall. Against the pleas of the director, Hiryu destroys the machine with a single strike.

After seeing the fruits of his labor destroyed, he goes laughing mad and mocks Hiryu and Kain over their victory, claiming that his ZAIN was just a relay computer, and that there exists a network of several interconnected ZAIN. He's finally engulfed in the flames of the collapsing building as he laughs and praises president Clay.



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